Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One Little Keeper

First of all, THANK YOU so much for all your kind words about my wreath!  You guys are seriously the best and I appreciate all of you so much! 
Ok, enough with the gushing...(though I could totally continue)  I got the stuff to finish The Mom's wreath and will hopefully be able to work on it soon.  Things have been a bit crazy around here.  The Husband has been working an obscene amount of hours and now The Little Dude has come down with a super icky snot nose.  He's healthy and happy otherwise but, UGH....snot is SO GROSS!!!   Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze some Christmas crafting in between boogie wipes and sick baby cuddles.  Yeah, it's not all bad.  : )
Because of all the craziness and my self induced thrift freeze, this was the only thing I picked up last week.  She's a little Dream Pet from the 60's I believe - Rae knows way more about these guys than I do.  Anyway, don't you love the little eyelashes and playful expression?!  I'm thinking she will stay with me for a little while this year.  That face is just so dang sweet, I smile every time I look at it!
I'm really itching to get the Christmas decorations out, as I know some of you have already.  Which side are you on - decorate before or after Thanksgiving?


  1. Good luck keeping up with everything despite the craziness, love that little deer. As for decorating, I don't do much of it but this year I'll be decking out my antique mall booth a little early.

  2. I am bidding on one of these on eBay. We'll see. And the decorations, I am a lazy bastard! I would like to keep my family tradition alive of them coming out the first weekend of December, but yea, the lazy bastard thing. ..

    And I bought a 2 foot aluminum tree & it's going to my cousins in Ohio. BF is going down for TG but won't be back until the Monday after the first weekend... I guess I can start?

  3. I normally get my tree and decorate Thanksgiving weekend. But this year, I am going to spend the weekend decorating and then get my tree the following weekend. We always get a huge tree that takes hours to decorate and by the time I'm done hauling out and organizing all my vintage Christmas goodness, I'm exhausted and am more concerned about getting the tree decorated fast then actually enjoying the task itself. I'm a little nervous to start decorating because of the mass quantities I have hauled home in the last year. Wish me luck :-)

    BTW....that deer is so sweet and is just what I need to get someone I know who loves deer :-) There are a couple at one of the antique malls so I think I may head down there today.


  4. The reindeer is adorable. they must be a popular item this year - I have sold out of the dozen I had in my booth. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but with it late this year, I have started the cleaning and clearing out.

  5. If you only bought one thing, it was a good pirchase! So cute! I was out yesterday, went to four thrifts and did not get one Christmas item! Boo hoo!!

    I never start hauling out until December, I did bring out one deer though and that's it! At least we Canadians don't have Thanksgiving and Christmas so close togther, my fall decor has lomg been taken down, it's sort of an in between time right now!

  6. Whar a sweet little deer, glad you're enjoy him this year. Poor kid, hope that cold passes quickly. I think if you're selling, decorate away! At home I like to start after Thanksgiving so the decor is still fun at Christmas. Otherwise I'm sick of looking at it by Christmas day and resent having to dust & clean it, LOL!

  7. My youngest was a snot machine! He would go through a whole box of tissue his first day of a cold. He learned how to blow his nose before he was 2 so that helped!

    I remember those type of deer! So cute!

    I hate that Thanksgiving is late this year. I keep saying I'm going to wait till after but an elf sneaked into my hutch and now a gingerbread man is on my kitchen counter so I guess my decorations have other ideas! :)

    Oh- thanks for the wreath making nudge! I'm almost done with mine.

  8. OMG! I have the exact same little deer! I found it at a thrift store last year and I loved it so much that I paid an obscene (for a thrift store) price for it ($9). It's one of my very favorite Christmas decorations. I guess great minds think alike!
    I would probably be decorating for Christmas already but my boyfriend is keeping me in check and making me wait until after Thanksgiving. What can I say? I love Christmas, and especially all of my fun vintage decorations!

  9. That deer is great! You better keep her forever, or you'll regret it! lol
    As for decorating...I'm going to try and get it all done over the next couple of days. I figure that I have spent waaaay too much time finding all this vintage x-mas stuff over the year, so I better get it set up and enjoy it now that the time is finally here! It's like our Grand Finale right? lol
    Erica :)

  10. Best expression EVER. Hope everyone is well soon. Horrible when your child is sick.

  11. So cute! Great photo, with the fabu Pyrex in the background. I'm in a junkin freeze myself, gotta save for Christmas shopping and too busy anyway. I decorate post-Thanksgiving. Hope lil' guy feels better soon. Thanks so much for joining the We Call It Olde Link Up! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  12. Look how friendly his little Dream Pet expression is! I am physically restraining myself from decorating until after Thanksgiving, but it's been hard! I feel like I hardly get any time to enjoy crazy Xmas showpieces in just one month! I'm sure you can sympathize.

  13. I usually start to pull my Christmas stuff out of the attic around Halloween... so go for it!


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