Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thrift Haul - Not Bad for a Only a Few Trips

We're so close guys!  It's almost the Friday after Thanksgiving, and for most of us that's GO time!  I really wanted to decorate earlier this year, but for the most part I refrained.  A little deer here and a small Santa there have been able to squelch my desire to decorate "early."  I'm still trying to mentally figure out where I'm going to put stuff to display it nicely yet keep it out of The Little Dudes hands.  It's going to take some creativity that's for sure!  On to the thrifty finds - we only made a few stops this week.  The snow and snot are still slowing us down... 
This one has kind of thrown me for a loop.  It looks old but also kind of fake.  The paper seems aged by it's color but otherwise is in good shape.  I don't know, do you guys?  Is this a modern reproduction or an actual vintage decoration.

 These Beistle decorations aren't super old, from the 70's and 80's, but they are still just so sweet!  
 I scored this gem at an antique store.  It will be perfect for a little crafty renovation project! 
 Two little Made in Japan Santa's and a cool old metal lunch pail that is also destined for some kind of crafty project.  Wouldn't that be a cute make up box?
This is my favorite find from the past week.  It's a piece of "Anna" Van Briggle pottery that was actually made right down the street from where I live.  It used to be very popular stuff around here, but since the pottery closed a few years ago, it seems to have fallen out of favor.  Lucky for me though because that means I can find gems like this at the thrift.  And the little frog is removable so I can use it multiple ways.  It's a keeper for now.  (I wrote about my first Van Briggle find here)  Have you ever hear of Van Briggle or is it mostly a Southern Colorado thing?
 I posted these here on Sunday, but I wanted to share them again because I just love them!  These are the two mini wreaths out of the five I made that I'm going to keep.  I used the same technique as before, just on a small wooden form instead of a foam one.  The forms are probably about 2.5 inches in diameter so they make a nice sized little wreath.  
We'll be heading over to my parents house for Thanksgiving this year.  I'm bringing the sweet potato casserole because for whatever reason, making that seems to make The Mom's husband a little crazy.  I found this recipe on Pinterest that looks pretty good so I'm going to give it a go.  That's the extent of my cooking responsibilities.  What about you guys?  Any fun plans for Thanksgiving?  Will you be cooking everything yourself or enjoying someone else's hard work? (Like us!)


  1. The honeycomb santa has me laughing! Also, those mini wreaths really have me itching to try the wreath project now.... damn you!

  2. Jumping Jack Santa looks both old and homemade to me.
    I have a piece of Van Briggle pottery--a vase, maybe?--but I'll be darned if I can remember where it is!

  3. OMG! Knee hugger ♥.

    Never, ever, ever heard of Van Briggle. I actually think we are celebrating thanksgiving here this year since my BF couldn't take him mom down to Ohio since she is ill. Not sure how it's all gonna pan out, but I took a turkey out of the freezer.

  4. I haven't heard of Van Briggle pottery before, but yours is lovely. Your Santa at the top reminds me of school projects I made in the 70s, so 70s maybe? I LOVE the mini wreaths you made. Oh my gosh I have to make some! Funny, I saw the knee hugger and thought of Sir Thrift A Lot, but I see he already saw it and left a comment, LOL. Thanks so much for sharing this at the We Call It Olde Link Up! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  5. Here are my two cents, lol (and you can throw them away if you want)!
    I'd say that the first Santa decoration is not a repro. Really cute! I'd also say that that Putz House is pretty much in MINT condition, with it's windows intact! Maybe you should "preserve" it. It's so cute as it is!
    I love your little wreaths so much! You have inspired me!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Erica :)

  6. Don't you hate it when you can't tell if something is truly old or just made to look like it? It's really hard to say with that Santa! Let's just say that it's super old and rare. What kind of mean person would argue?

    Love the tiny wreath idea. Yet another one for my Christmas Craftiness board!


  7. I don't know Van Briggle but like this piece!

  8. WHAT??? You can find Van Briggle at the thrift! Dang, I am so jealous. I may live in VA but am familiar with it because I'm a pottery junkie, lol, along with my other obsessions.
    Love that lunch pail and your Santa looks vintage to me. Lots of sweet finds. Why would your sweet potatoes annoy? You need to share the back story on that sometime.

    I'm cooking, but we're not getting crazy with too many side dishes.

    Snow and snot, you crack me up! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  9. I know Van Briggle, but I wouldn't have recognized that piece because I'm only familiar with it in that aqua colored glaze! I found a pair of VB candlesticks a few years back at a SA and sold them on eBay. They didn't go for big bucks but it was still fun!

    Love the little house!


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