Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Is That An Estate Sale Sign?!" ~Tires Squealing~

Gross, don't look at my sun room windows!
The current thrifting bonanza report must be briefly interrupted so that I can tell you about this great estate sale that I ducked into yesterday.  I was on my way to the thrift store when I saw signs for a sale in a neighborhood that I haven't ventured into a whole lot but I knew was kitschy and old.  After a few dicey moves in my little car, I was on my way to the sale. It was full of mostly fine art and antiques, peppered here and there with some cool vintage pieces and some not so cool blah 90's pieces, all with high prices. I wish I could have gotten pictures, but I could hardly move and every time I paused, an old lady behind me sighed so hard that I thought she was going to use up her oxygen tank prematurely and pass out.
This house was cool because they purchased two condos and made one really big house with two separate garages.  The first one had tools and an awesomely equipped darkroom that I almost cried over; it was glorious!  My dream house has a great big darkroom in the plans.  The second one is where they had shoved all the good vintage stuff!  A set of Amelia Earhart luggage was in great shape, but had a retail price on it so I passed on those.  I picked up the above pictured suitcase mostly because I loved those tags!  And that Butterfly Gold cake dish is the first Pyrex I have ever picked up at an estate sale.  And just because, a little flower frog.  
For the first time in a long time, there is something pink in my post so I'm going to head over to How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.  Have a great weekend everyone!  


  1. I do believe all the trouble you had was worth it. Loved seeng your goodies.

  2. What wonderful items you found at the sale. I too love the tags on the luggage.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. I love those luggage tags! It makes you wonder who it was that traveled there and everyhwere! You had a terrific find!

  4. Finding Pyrex at estate/garage sales is the ultimate thrill for me! It doesn't happen often but when it does, it totally makes my day. Love the suitcase labels!

    Happy Holidays,



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