Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

Some of you are going to be bugged at me for this, but I want Fall!
For sale on Etsy here.
I long to eat pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING while wrapped in a warm, soft, secure hoodie.  I want to breath in the crisp dry air and crunch leaves beneath my fabulous tall boots!  I want to skip shaving my legs for a day or two dangit! (sorry for the over share, but it's true!) makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.
Do any of you share my enthusiasm for the autumn season or are you ready to punch me because you aren't ready for summer to be over?


  1. We have had an unusually long and HOT summer in Oregon so I am sooooo ready for fall! Pinterest is what gets me. I have been pinning comfy fall outfits and recipes for days!!



    Remember when we had all of that unseasonably cool weather around the first part of August? That was just a really unfair tease, since it's now back up to mid and upper 90s. I love summer, but I'm done. DONE!

    It doesn't help that I am running out of summer clothes I can wear with my belly! I'm doing my best not to bust out the maternity stuff just yet and I actually have a lot of normal stuff I could wear that will work if it would just cool down!

  3. I want fall too! Especially since I will be taking my annual thrifting trip with my youngest sister starting October 2...and we will be going back to Texas via Colorado and New Mexico...I'm very excited!

  4. Fall yes, winter- not so much!

  5. Fall has been on my mind since June! I am not a summer person at all and as I type this I am making Pumpkin Butter on the stove and it smells wonderful! Probably will be getting out my fall decorations after the weekend!


  6. I'm over summer, too. I dislike the heat. I dislike the sun. I hate the humidity.

    OVER IT.

  7. Guess I am the only commenter that still wants summer to last just a bit longer. We didn't have a real great summer here, we're having our second heat wave of the summer right now. Fall is ok but leads into winter, which I don't like at all!

  8. I think it depends on where one lives! When I lived in Texas and Virginia, I LONGED for Fall and even winter time could be nice. Here in Idaho, it can be 40 degrees on any given morning so I get plenty of cool temps at least in the morning and our winters are really bad so I don't long for fall like some do. BUT I've already made a pumpkin cake and I'm mentally decking out the front porch for fall. :)

  9. I'm starting to be ready for fall too! I've been seeing lots of pumpkin recipes popping up on Pinterest, I'm starting to brainstorm my Halloween costume, and I can't wait to start putting Christmas stuff out in our antique space! It might be a holdover from my school days, but for me, fall feels like new beginnings!


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