Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I Didn't Buy

I've been hitting the thrifts pretty hard lately trying to get inventory to beef up my Etsy shop and have run into some things that caught my eye but didn't make it into my basket.

This wicker/rafia/straw wrapped phone is fun, but hardly anyone uses a land line anymore and phones seem to sit for a while in my antique mall so I didn't get it.  
Uh... so I get the idea behind this, but am not sure how I feel about it.  I don't know, it's strange for sure, but the flower pattern is pretty.
This clock is a really interesting piece  but it just isn't my style and I try not to buy anything I wouldn't want in my own home.  Ya know, in case this whole reselling thing goes belly up.  ;)
They wanted $5 for this calendar.  I wanted it because that is the year my little brother was born, but not for that much!  Geez!

These vacuums are in great shape and I bet they work still, but I don't need them at my home and I don't have big space for that kind of thing in my booth.  I was super bummed to leave these behind, they are so cool!  They belong in a museum!  
These haunt me at night.  I wanted to get one so so so bad!  It's a light fixture and they had four of them!  They must have come from some building that was being remodeled or torn down.  This was at a shop in Aurora, so I'm going to imagine they came from some cool old Denver theater.  Yeah, I like that.  The last thing I need though is more light fixtures and I don't have room for something like this in the booth.  Though now I think I should go get one just for the shell pieces.  The hoarder in me wants them for crafting...

The booth is picking up a bit.  I have sold a bunch of Pyrex and finally my awesome owl clock went home with someone!  Last week I wrote this on the chalkboard next to it: "As seen in Flea Market Decor Magazine!"  I wonder if that was what sold it...


  1. You have way more self control that I do! Those fixtures (all four) woulda been mine! And $5 for that calendar is sky high!!!!

  2. Oh those fixtures would have been amazing. I think you should see if they are still there!

  3. I love your booth!

    Lisa @ Happy Girl Thrift

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