Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shifting Gears

I'm going to take a moment to sit here and catch my breath because holy cow I have been busy!  On top of all my house wifey and motherly duties (he's walking now, so I'm running) we are in the middle of a bathroom remodel which has been occupying a lot of my time.
Sneak peak at the new shower!
We haven't been doing much of the actual work, but let me tell you that trying to find all the crap that goes into the bathroom has been a wicked pain in my rear.  Anyway, we are about 60% done and the work is moving fast, so I really have absolutely nothing to complain about.    
And things have been selling fast at my booth, mainly Pyrex.  People are loving it right now, so I have been working hard to keep it stocked up.  For now I will be shifting my focus and thrifting a little less for small decorative items and more for Pyrex and functional housewares.  That seems to be what it is moving right now.  Plus I've got to start saving funds for Junk Bonanza in April!  I'm getting so excited! 

This Golden Branch casserole dish came with the strangest lid.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Is it the correct lid, or did a previous owner get a little nuts with some gold leaf and paint?  Someone should really start a gold pattern only collection..  That would be so fancy and elegant! 

This is a neat pattern that I had never seen before.  I like how it can go into any kitchen and match since it is so neutral. 

This is the first time I've seen a Shenandoah piece in good shape.  I know it isn't a favorite among collectors, but I like it.  Delicate and pretty.  

I'm all about the functional items lately. Organizers don't have to be boring and ugly.  This little brass turtle ring holder is a perfect example of that.  It will organize your little odds and ends and look freaking adorable at the same time!  Those are rings I made from my Grandmas vintage buttons.  Aren't they cool?!
I'm a sucker for a vintage bag, and when I see one in good shape I have a hard time saying no.  This bag is way, way, way too small for me and all my nonsense, so I listed it in the Etsy shop.  It would make a great evening bag, something different from the standard black clutch. 
I have found a lot of really neat vintage souvenir plates lately.  Do any of you have a collection of them?  Do you re-sellers find they sell well?   The Mom displays a small collection in her bathroom and it looks so neat!  It is a fun way to add color and flair to your space! 
I'm going to work today on getting some stuff together for the booth and for my Etsy shop.  I'm so thankful that all this is going so well, I really do love it!   But before that I'm joining the parties at Apron Thrift GirlSir Thrift A LotSumo's Sweet StuffRemnantYoung Heart Old Soul and A Living Space.  Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. GRAY SUBWAY TILE!!!!!!!!! EEEEEKKK! Love the sneak peek!!!!

    Pyrex at our thrifts are priced too high to resell! :( And it's rare. LUCKY YOU!

  2. Nice finds! And sounds like you have a busy home right now :-)

    I have found souvenir plates (but more so trays) to be a fairly good seller in my booth, but it depends on where they are from. Anything Florida, Disney World and Las Vegas sells well here in Maine - as well as plates from Maine, of course.

  3. I love the turtle!!! And I have that same (or very similar) bag in my Etsy shop. I keep considering unlisting it, I love it so much, but like you I find it too small for the massive amount of stuff I like to carry around. :)

  4. love that brass turtle! i am always thrifting "things that hold other things" and i have a weakness for sweet little faces. great finds!

  5. Great finds! I'm a sucker for a cute bag, too! I might need to start looking into the vintage pyrex, I pass it up a lot due to not wanting to ship glass.

  6. My Girlfriend and I, along with the help of our friends- have started the "48 State Travel Plate" Challenge this year. (Our house was built in 1943)Once we have all the plates collected we'll hang them in our lounge!

  7. Hey there! You've been finding so many great things for your booth and Etsy! OK, so you're coming to MN for Junk Bonanza! That's great! We should talk sometime before your trip so I can give you some pointers!
    I'll tell you some other good places to go too!
    Erica :)


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