Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

The other day, Madee at Cupcakes, Pyrex and Love wrote a post over on Pyrex Collective III about finding her Number 1 (congrats!), and that got me thinking.  What is Number 1 on my personal Pyrex list?
It's a toss up for me actually.  I go between Balloons and Eyes.  I want them both and know the likelihood of finding them at the thrifts here is small, but I'm not willing to take out a second mortgage to get either, so for now I will drool.
It's just so unique and would look fabulous in my cabinet. 
Already sold out of this Etsy shop.
And this pattern is so whimsical!  I have dreams about this.  For real...drool filled ones...
Again, already sold out of this Etsy shop.
I don't know how some of you guys have multiples of these!  I have never even seen either one in an antique shop here, much less the thrifts.
For sale in this Etsy shop.
Maybe for now I should just get this print to hold me over.

This card is cool too.
For sale in this Etsy shop.

And while we're dreaming and drooling...I'll take these too!  

For sale here.
This fabulous yellow Hostess would be so happy in my house.  Now if I could just find it without awful chips.  I'll live with a few, but when the lid is missing a corner, I have to put it back.

Pressed Flowers!  Swoooooon!!!!!!!

The list goes on and on...Solid turquoise bowls, fridgies and chip and dip sets, Blowing Leaves, the rare JAJ Turquoise Gooseberry, and though it doesn't go with my colors, I wouldn't mind a set of New Dots!

Do you have a Number 1, die happy (a little dramatic, but you get what I'm saying) piece?  Have you found it yet?

Also, have you guys seen the Facebook group called Vintage Pyrex Love?  People post new finds all the time.  It's kind of like Pyrex porn...I know, strange, but true. 


  1. The Balloon print is my favorite too! I'd never seen it before in a thrift or even antique shop before I saw it online. I'm lucky enough to own one (the large bowl) that my boyfriend got me one on Ebay for Valentines Day, but he won't tell me how much he spent!


  2. Hanna found the large Balloons bowl on our girls trip last summer for a ridiculous price of $8 if I remember correctly and that was at an antique mall!! I have the whole Balloons set but it took me a bit to put it all together. Plus you know that I finally knocked number 1 off my list last weekend. Be patient with your wish list. IT WILL HAPPEN!! And when it does, it will make your whole year.


  3. Agreed. The balloons. I came across the large one at my antique mall for only $21.00...........and I DID NOT BUY IT! I regret it til this day.

  4. I found Balloons in a thrift store. Probably my rarest thrift store finds besides the Seville promotional & coral red (pink) snowflake space saver.

    Shamrock is high up there on my list.

    Eyes is awesome, too.

  5. You just never know what you'll find at the thrifts! That's why I find it so exciting!

    I'm still a new collector so any piece gives me a thrill.

    thanks for the facebook link. I'll check it out!


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