Monday, July 29, 2013

Thrift Haul - Pyrex and Brass Critters

It feels like the thrift drought has finally lifted a bit!  This haul is the product of two out of town trips, one to Pueblo and the other to Denver, which was a total fiasco I'll tell you about in a long winded silly story below.  My local thrifts are giving up nothing but golf balls - The Husband now has so many he won't need to buy more for years!  Ha!  
Now on to the goods.  The Little Dude and I took a quick morning trip to Pueblo this week.  The thrifts were stingy, but the little antique shop we stopped was not.  The bottom three pieces came in a mismatched set.  I totally over spent but who cares because I now have a turquoise fridgie for my collection!!!  
Ooooh..Ahhhh...  : )
Other than a butt load of golf balls, these cutie patooties were the only other thing to come home with us from Pueblo.  They are made in Japan and will soon be listed on Etsy.  If I wasn't totally terrified of my hoarding tendencies I'd have the coolest salt and pepper shaker collection!
Excuse the terrible phone pic!
******Warning - Long Story About My Stupidity Ahead******
Ok, on to the Denver debacle.  This is long and I won't be offended if you skip ahead.  So The Husband had to go up there for work, and I thought The Little Dude and I would tag along, drop him off and then go thrifting.  His building is in a cute neighborhood I don't get to frequent much so I was pretty excited.  Things were going fine as we hit the first shop, a GW.  That place was huge and packed full of CRAP.  Then it started to rain and I didn't want The Little Dude to get soaked so we got in the car and headed across town to another GW.  I'm no stranger to Denver, but I have areas where I go and know, and then the rest is just vague memories.  Well we get to the store and find the two Daisy bowls.  I was super excited about it, and therefore cocky.  I thought I would just head over to Aurora and check out my usual shops since it was still raining and walking around wasn't an option.  We sat in traffic till our brains were numb, but we did finally get there about an hour before I had to start driving back across town to get The Husband to meet a friend for dinner. We do our thrifty thing and then... ugh...what idiot didn't pay attention to how to get back to The Husband?  This one!  I should have gone back to the interstate and driven what I know.  But nooooooo, I gotta be all sneaky and avoid the traffic.  Right....An hour after I was supposed to get him, I showed up, frazzled and cussing.  I got myself so turned around it was ridiculous.  My GPS in my phone went bananas and couldn't find a signal and because of the clouds I couldn't find the mountains to know which direction I was going.  (Mountains are always to the West here).  And because I have this vague recollection of the city, I would see something familiar and turn towards it to see if that was right.  Not my best plan.  And this whole time The Little Dude is wailing in the backseat because he is just done with the car.  Me too dude, me too, but we still have the hour long drive home left!  So was my haul worth all that?  No,but I've learned a few valuable lessons.  Paper maps are good for things other than crafting.  The real maps I took out of the car a few weeks ago for a craft project will be going back in the car.  And don't be adventurous with your route when you have some place to be because you risk loosing your damn mind! 
******End Long Story About My Stupidity******
The daisy really got me excited because it's just not one I find a lot and especially not in such good condition.  The two little red guys were priced well so I got them even though they are dishwashered to death. Two scrubs with BKF and they look a bit better. The Square Flowers bowl needed some love, but it was priced well so I jumped at it.

These little brass puppies are super cute and will be listed on Etsy soon.  
 Same with this happy little whale.  
Rounding out my haul is a small porcelain Made in Japan wall duck.  These sell really well in the booth so I always look for them.  This is the first little one I've ever had.  
I did finally get a chance to organize and clean out my sun room last week, so hopefully this week I can get some actual work type stuff done in there.  Pictures, pricing and listing will be my mantra!  
 I'm joining the parties at Apron Thrift GirlSir Thrift A Lot, RemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty Groove, A Living Space and Joyful Treasure Hunting. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love all the Pyrex. I feel your pain with the car trip I've been there.

  2. Okay, so I'm total jealous of your Pyrex haul! I never get that much in a week!

    So -- I signed a contact for my first booth space in an antique mall. I need advice on how to decide what to sell in the booth and what to sell on Etsy... besides obvious things like furniture! HELP! :)

  3. I am all about the technology with a GPS, but sometimes that old fashioned map can beat it hands down. I would have been howling in the car with the little dude.

  4. After spending a long weekend in San Francisco with the GPS, I was about ready to hurl it out the window. I think it was messing with us because it was literally telling us to turn the wrong way down one way streets! I'm using a map next time!


  5. PYREX ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And EEEKKKK! I never considered phone signals failing when using my GPS!

  6. Glad you finally found your way! Our GPS has only steered us wrong once - it said this town this antique market was in didn't exist, granted, I guess it goes by 2 names or it's so small maybe it doesn't exist, but my BF never leaves the house without his charged up phone. Watch - I'll be singing a different tune next week. We're going to the states in uncharted but kinda familiar territory.

    Nice Pyrex finds! I can rarely find Daisy in decent shape, k, only have once.

    BTW, I recently had a dream I found a bunch of JAJ & some of it doesn't really exist. Oh what joy!

  7. But it all worked out in the end, you came home with some great stuff!

  8. Such great finds! I confess to once having hundreds of those cute S&P sets, so dont get started, lol. Ok, your story made me laugh because you wrote it that way, but getting lost and sitting in horrendous traffic, so not funny. Yup, carry my old fashioned maps. :) Pam


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