Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wanted Wednesday - Cathrineholm

Lately I've been itching for Cathrineholm enamelware in the iconic Lotus pattern.  I have one piece that I found last month, but I'm greedy and want more!  : )  Right?! I know, I know - WAKE UP Melissa!  As most of you know, this stuff is wicked pricey and kind of hard to find, so for now I will probably just be fantasizing.
This blue plate would look lovely with all my Pyrex.  The little giraffes are pretty cute too!
Oh my goodnessgracious!  I would use these everyday with rubber coated baby spoons.
This one is from MidModMom's shop.  Seriously, I have a birthday coming up!  : ) 
While those are fabulous, the prices on all of them are WAY out of  my budget, so maybe a few posters would do.   This one sums it up perfectly!   I wonder if they would print it in turquoise instead of red...
This one is cute too.  I love those colors.
Not Cathrineholm inspired, but this poster is awesome too so I'll include it.  It's probably the closest I'll ever get to that chair!  

Do you collect Cathrineholm?  
I was thinking about it earlier, and I think my Mother-in-Law uses a large blue bowl pretty much every day.  I'll have to check it out when we go visit in October!  


  1. I have only ever seen on piece and it was at a show that Hanna and I went to in the Spring. It was a yellow rectangular baking pan. I didn't even look at the price because it's not really something that either one of us collects. Now had it been orange, that would be an entirely different story. Good luck finding a piece! Maybe you should get one of those framed pictures to hold you over until then:-)


  2. You can't say I collect it, no, since I only have one piece. I was lucky enough to walk into the thrift store 15 minutes before these two dealer girls who own a booth got into the shop! I think they were going to ask me if they can buy it from me...? It's the larger one for the set of the ones you'd eat out of with rubber coated baby spoons. I would like to find more. When it happens, it happens.

    Good luck with your quest. When's your birthday? I've got one coming up, too!

    1. They followed me to the cash & one was about to tap me on the shoulder, which I would have not appreciated.

  3. I didn't start collecting till I scored a large yellow bowl for $4 at a thrift shop. That started the ball rolling and now I have probably about 8-9 pieces total, most from ebay, only one other piece from a thrift shop. Now I just really want a coffee pot and/or tea pot but I refuse to pay $200+! Maybe for Christmas this year...a girl can dream!

  4. I found two bowls at a thrift shop in Chicago about seven or eight years ago? Maybe? They were a couple of dollars each. It was before they were all over the Internet, and I had no idea what they were, but they were fetching a really high price on eBay already, so they were popular. They just hadn't made it onto my radar. I wasn't particularly enamored of them so it wasn't painful for me to sell them for a nice profit. I'm more appreciative of them now but when, about four years later, I found one of the small lotus bowls -- I think maybe they were originally from a fondue set -- for 25 cents at a neighborhood yard sale, I went ahead and sold that one for a bunch as well. I'm pretty sure the days of finding them for those kinds of prices are over at this point,unless you're really lucky.

  5. I've never yet seen a piece in the wild up here! It's not my style so I wouldn't buy to keep it, but you betcha that I'd buy to sell it! LOL

  6. I would love to redesign my kitchen with some Cathrineholm items. They truly bring me back to my childhood visiting my aunts house. Looking back I remember thinking how weird it was she kept decorating in that certain style and never adapted to a "newer" era. If we could only travel back in time to grab and save a lot of those pieces.

  7. I found a lotus fondue set at a yard sale for $2 once. Needless to say it was on Etsy a few hours later. If I found a bowl, though, I might have to keep it for myself.

  8. I found this exact plate today...hmmm I'll be selling it in my Etsy Shop soon.


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