Friday, February 28, 2014

Thrift Haul - Hodge Podge

Where the heck have I been?  Two weeks of silence should mean I was up to awesomeness!  Yeah, not so much...  Things have just gotten away from me I guess.  Booth sales are kicking ass right now though, so hopefully I'll have lots of fun stuff to blog about in the coming months.

 My first thrifted Desert Dawn!  It was in pretty rough shape, but I cleaned it right up and put it in the booth.  Same with the super cool Hazel Atlas pitcher.  Doesn't this have glasses that match?  
These were all given to me by a friend of mine from high school.  She cleaned out her grandma's kitchen and thought of me because she's so dang sweet!  Check out the Jadeite!!!!  Plus, when we went to get the goodies, she gave The Little Dude an adorable haircut.  Multi-tasking queen over here people!  : )  Thanks Lindsey!!!
Check out this beefy mofo.  It's a Frankoma cookie jar that is in perfect ok condition.  I don't know anything about it, so I'm going to have to do some research before I sell it.  Does anyone have any experience with this kind of pottery? Update - I dropped a cup on the dang lid and chipped it.  Guess I'm keeping it now!  
This was spotted in my antique mall and I scooped up with spastic quickness.  Isn't it awesome?   I LOVE this lard bucket!  Is it weird to love a lard bucket?  Not to you guys probably!  You don't judge, you understand, you get it.
Ok, blogger is being sassy and won't let me upload more pictures right now.  I'm going to have a stroke if I keep messing with it, so I'll save them for the next post.  I really wanted to show you guys my fabulous new stainless steel work table kitchen island.  It's FANTASTIC!!!

The Best Bud and I are headed up to Denver today to do some thrifting and goofing off with the kiddos.  Wish us luck!  I desperately need to fill up the booth.  Do you guys have any big plans for the weekend?  


  1. Yes! Where the HECK have you been?

    I have 2 glasses to match that Hazel pitcher. I found a pink DD at a thrjft & tried to clean it for hours thinking it was dirty LOL. This was years ago tho... hahaha.

  2. Have fun in Denver, BTW. Thrift hard.
    Docs today, shipping today, work weekend - fun!

  3. that lard bucket is amazing! the colors are perfect!

  4. Have fun up here today! Hope you find lots of goodies!

    PS I need to make some friends who gift me with Jadeite :)

  5. We had lard buckets when I was growing up. So I can relate to a lot of your things.

  6. I bought a giant lard bucket from an estate sale a couple of years ago and use is as an end table on my patio!

    Maddie & I are headed up to Portland tomorrow for a big antique show and to visit some antique malls. Then off to the flea market Sunday morning. No sleeping in for me!

    Good luck. Find lots of stuff :-)


  7. Thought you won the lottery and bailed on blogging ;)

    Love the lard bucket, glad you're selling & glad to see you back. Want to see that island soon.

  8. That IS a good friend! Love that haul from her grandma's kitchen!

  9. Dessert Dawn is one of my favorite patterns, if I lived near you I'd run right over to your booth and buy that probably! Love that HA pitcher, too, very cool. Too bad about the cookie jar but it's still a good one. Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home link party - take care. -Dawn @ We Call It

  10. I love that laRd bucket! :)

  11. It is SO not weird to love a lard bucket.

  12. I collect Frankoma! My Great Grandparents gave my Grandmother a set of 8 "chocolate forests" dishes for her wedding in 1955! I have all kinds and styles, the red is a cool color and if its original (and not a repro) is worth about $20-$25! Can you tell me the letter and numbers stamped on the bottom? And the cool think about Frankoma is that it's made from Oklahoma clay, the glaze finishes and special because they were done naturally. (Unlike Fiesta-Ware red Frankoma doesn't have Radium in it, but depending on how old it is it could have a small bit of lead in it. (Where you chipped the lid, is the clay red or brown? This will help tell you how old it is. Brown clay was used until mid 50's) hope that helps!

    1. Wow, look at the big brain on you! It looks red to me, and the number is 26F. I'm still going to sell it, just not for the crazy price some of it seems to be going for.
      Thanks for all the info Mick!

  13. Ha ha! I love the Lard bucket too. It's too funny/quirky to pass up.

    Bright and Shiny


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