Friday, March 7, 2014

Thrift Haul - Office Supplies and Pyrex

I've figured it out you guys.  I know how I'm going to get back on track with the blog and the booth.  Stop with the damn Pinterest!   That time sucker has been killing me lately.  Scroll...scroll...giggle pretty...scroll...giggle...gross...scroll...  Honestly, I'm so out of control with it, it's time to take a step back and regain my attention span.  Wow, I feel better with that off my chest.  On to the thrift finds!  
If you think this kitty on a shoe is cute, wait until I tell you that it's a pencil sharpener.  Yup, a fabulous little pencil sharpener!  I'm super excited about it, which might be kind of sad...
I might as well share that ^ strangeness with you guys.  I LOVE office supplies!  Ohmygosh, a new pen makes my heart sing.  Oh, and if I get to use that new pen on a new notepad, oh - that's the stuff right there!  So now that I've over shared with you, you will understand a bit better why I bought a bag of vintage pens that don't work.  I physically and emotionally couldn't leave them!  They're so cool!  I was able to hold back and not buy all 10 bags.  I don't know how, but I did.  But if they're still there next time I go back...  Oh, and don't they look lovely in the Daisy fridge dish I picked from an antique store?  Makes me smile.
My brother picked up this old mandolin years ago but never took it with him to Alaska.  He gave it to me when he came to visit, and I think I'm going to keep it.  I like the sexy curvy Gibson look it has.  
 This train case is pretty dang old and has a cute little customs label on the side.  I think it'll sell quickly at the booth.  The brass things, I'm not sure about.  Are they pillar candle holders?  And does anyone have a guess on the animal head decorating them?  Kind of looks like a rams head to me.
 The Butterfly Gold is another antique store pick that is headed to the booth.  What's with the red eyed bunnies?!  They kind of freak me out.
 That pattern is perfect!  No fading, no scratches, no pits.  I NEVER get that lucky with these glasses!  
 If you follow my Instagram, you already saw me get spastic over this bag.  But seriously, can you blame me?  It has my freakin' initials on it!  
 And we'll close out with yet another weird "thing" of mine.  Buttons, I can't let them go!  I haven't been crafting with them lately and I have at least 20 pounds of them, but I still need more.  *coughhoardercough* They're just so pretty!  If you look closely you can see me in my jammies in the reflection of the West Bend Hot Cold Server.  They always sell well for me.  And that is my first vintage Easter decoration.  Woohoo!  I think it needs flowers in that little blue thing.  Maybe I should make some with my buttons...
I shared a few of my weird little things.  Your turn!  Do you have a weird item that you shamelessly collect and love?  Paper clips, single salt shakers, yarn, pens... Spill it!  No judgement here!


  1. It might be worth your time to look all those pens up on ebay. I always buy bags of pens when I find them. Certain old brands, local businesses with old phone numbers, certain brands of pens, novelty pens (I have one that is shaped like a match and one that has a floating Razorback in the barrel. I have sold a lot of pens on ebay and in my booth for that reason. I love office supplies too! I am WAY too old for new notebooks and new boxes of crayons, but my heart sings when I see them. :)

  2. Confession time: I once bought a huge bag of old pens too. I was going to do like Shara suggested and look them up to see if they were worth selling but I think I never got around to doing it. I did keep one pencil though that is now my favorite--it is aqua and has an old address on it. It is weird to have a favorite vintage pencil? Of course it's not! :)

    Good score on the glasses! I never ever see them in that good condition and all 4 of them, to boot!

  3. I share your addiction to office supplies. I just can't pass them up. Little pencil cases, notebooks, pens. Ooo la la. I recently bought me a new Martha Stewart notebook and dividers and I was over the moon. I'm heading out to shop this morning and my first stop is Staples. I am very excited. So yes, I understand your compulsion.

  4. This is so funny! I have someone in my family that's like that with office supplies, she loves to go to Staples and just browse. I love those glasses you found and the Pyrex, of course! My weird thing might be milk glass loaf pans, specifically, I just love loaf pans. Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home Link Party this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  5. Those glasses! Perfect for the 4th of July! Don't put them in your booth. Ever.

    Love the West Bend penguin warmer. I've picked up two from church sales over the years, one with Bakelite handles and one with wood handles. I was able to sell them both on eBay for a pretty good amount. Oh, and as for office supplies. Don't even get me started. I have a pen stash hidden in my house and Madelyn found them the other day and I SNAPPED! Don't touch my pens!!!

    Have an awesome weekend,


  6. Vintage wrapping paper & greeting card & stationary. I'll shamefully pay $3 for a grab bag if there is one AMAZING card inside. My reasoning: not like I find much anymore & the price of cards these days anyways...

  7. I remember having that blue striped pen! Except mine was red & mine was a candy cane. Same tip style, lol.

  8. I was on a button kick for a while too - but, I was using them to make wreaths - let's just say I have a lot on hand!! Hah!!

  9. Buttons, vintage sewing supplies and old knitting needles or crochet hooks! The price has to be right, though.

  10. I'm wondering if those pillar candle holders might really be gazing ball holders? Plop a big ol' glass paperweight on one and see how it looks.

  11. A bag with your initials! That is one thing you can't pass up :-)

  12. Love your finds!!! I have a thing for pencils! Love the glasses and I would keep those!! Thanks for sharing you fab finds at TTF! I think the 'weird' thing I collect is orphan Salt & Pepper shakers...not pairs. :)


  13. The animal head looks like a Texas longhorn to me.

  14. Yes, buttons! Sometimes I do use them for math or sorting activities with my kindergarteners and sometimes, one or two will end up in someone's backpack... One of the most well behaved boys was caught trying to pocket one that he really liked. I almost felt bad when I made him return it. Maybe I'll fill the prize box with buttons.


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