Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Past Week...

I fell in love with another lard bucket, though I didn't buy this one.  It was priced a bit high for me so I passed, but I had a dream about it last night so a trip back to the store might be in order.
 We were either viciously attacked by a stomach bug or I accidentally poisoned dinner because HOLY COW, The Husband and I were sick, sick, sick.  I was telling The Mom that I hadn't been that sick (hangovers not included) since I was a little kid.  It was bad news for sure.  Thankfully it was short lived.
 Ugh...I'm not meant to have New Dots.  Last week - a chipped green dots and then this week - a horribly dishwasher damaged blue dots.  Double damn!
 It's so nice to have this space where the microwave used to be for display and storage.  It's going to be fun to play around with and rearrange.
 With snow in the forecast, I decided to force some spring into our lives with some fun flowers.  These are great because they last for dang near forever, yet stay bright and pretty.
 JOY!!!  Butterprint at the thrift!  I can't even remember the last time I found it in a thrift store.  
 Age = Beauty!  Yes!  
 This is on the other side of the wall, above the cabinet.  It has by far been my most popular chalk board saying.
This makes me smile everyday.  I just love my new kitchen storage!   
 We celebrated The Best Buds 30th birthday and had so much fun! These props were from the craft store for next to nothing and they were a huge hit.  I think I need some frames like that!  
Happy Birthday Yo!
Look at all the space I have for activities now!  I can finally hide away all the boxes and ugly shipping stuff.  Plus, with the old kitchen island in there I was able to get rid of two pieces of storage furniture and it feels so big and open.  If there were just find more hours in the day to be out there I'd be set : ) 

Are you using Instagram yet?  I sure hope your answer is either, "YES" or "no, but I'm doing it now"!


  1. LOVE your fish art, obsessed with fish, as well as your organized/pretty work space! Working on mine at the moment...

  2. Putting that old island in another space was brilliant!!!!!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear you we're sick, ugh! Maybe someday some decent dots will come your way. I really like all the turquoise in your Pyrex displays!


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