Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thrift Haul and Booth Update

Good gravy...have you ever just had one of those days were it seems like everything in your brain is negative and grumpy?  That's what I have going on right now.  Too many early mornings.  The Little Dude needs to get over this phase fast because I'm not going to last much longer!   Hopefully revisiting my fantastic haul with this post will help bring me out of my funk.  
I have super mixed feelings about this beautiful set of Primaries.  The thrift decided to start putting their "collectible" Pyrex in the case with very high price tags.  That just pisses me off because it's a thrift store, not an antique shop.  Get over yourself.  Here's where I get conflicted.  It actually worked out for me.  I went in on half off day and there they were, still in the case, not separated or banged up, and most importantly - HALF OFF!  Ugh, I don't know...
 At the same store mentioned above, I found these on the regular shelves.  And aside from having something yucky spilled on them they are perfect.  Not a single scratch.  So confused!  That adorable little ducky candle still has the Gurley tag on the bottom.

 At one of the thrifts, an employee came up to tell me about these great table clothes (one is a Vera) she just put out.  "You look like someone who would like that kind of thing."  At first I was confused, then I realized I was wearing my Grandpa's old plaid work shirt, vintage jewelry, and a polka dotted scarf in my hair.  Yup, I totally looked like someone who would enjoy that kind of thing!  It was super nice of her.
 These Libbey glasses came from the same store.  This is one of those, "I LOVE them, but can't keep everything" moments.  I listed them on Etsy.
Ain't she a beauty?!  And dang near perfect too.  It was a good week for me and Pyrex.
I walked into an estate sale with The Little Dude in one arm, spotted these Friendship bowls and walked out with them in the other!  Normally I wait to go without the kiddo (because he's heavy and grabby), but I knew this one was going to be good so I got there as early as I could.  I'm so glad I did, the orange one already sold!  
I went back the next day and scored a few little odds and ends.  It was kind of surprising that the pink jar was still there on the second day.  The few bits of Christmas stuff had to be dug for, worth it though.  And keys, glorious keys!  They are quickly becoming my new favorite thing to collect.
 This is my favorite find of the week, probably of the year actually.  I've always wanted one of these spools to use as a table.  And this one is in great shape and still has nice graphics on the top!  Now it just needs to stop snowing we could go out to the deck and actually enjoy it.
The antique mall had another vendor night last night so I took the time to change the chalkboard back to an old favorite and move things around.  It was really nice to have some chill, no grumpy ass kid whining at me time.  : )
So how has the start of the junking season been treating you guys?  Anyone score anything ridiculously cool yet? Speaking of ridiculously cool, did you see Melissa's suitcase bonanza?  Check it out here and enter her giveaway!  And, does anyone have any tips or advice to get a toddler to stay in bed past 5 am?  HELP!!!

I'm joining the parties at  Sir Thrift A LotMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty GrooveA Living SpaceIvy And ElephantsThe Cottage MarketWe Call It Junkin'The Colorado Lady and a new to me link up at Bacon Time. Have a great week everyone!


  1. So many sweet Pyrex finds. I'm pretty jealous. Since the thrifts are no longer putting Pyrex on the shelves, I have to hit an auction this weekend to stock up. Still continues to be a big seller for me. Hooray!

    FYI - thanks for bloggin' about me :P

  2. Love the Pyrex, and if you solve that 5am issue let me know, because I have a 4 am issue. My 5 year old keeps waking me up super early, and then he falls back to sleep and I am left grumpy and tired. Please come share at the Anything Goes linky, if you have not already. Happy thrifting to you.

  3. I find a lot of very pretty and different Pyrex pieces on my outings, but they are too expensive. Not sure why it has become so popular again.

  4. Your Pyrex mojo has been awesome lately! Good stuff.

    No advice on the 5 am thing. Lots and lots of sympathy, though!

  5. You always hit the Pyrex jackpot. JEALOUS! That doesn't happen to me!!!!

    1. And that spool. I want to snatch it off your deck!

  6. Your Pyrex finds are just blowing my mind! Yikes! When my daughter wouldn't stay in bed at that age I just had a serious talk with her and explained mommy needed more sleep and she had to stay in bed even if she woke up early to help mommy out. It actually worked! Good luck. Thank you for sharing this at History & Home this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  7. Gorgeous tablecloths! Of course they are my fav, but I love those cool glasses too. Sets of glasses are really hard for me to pass up, lucky you have an outlet to sell them. Wow, all that Pyrex looks to be in great shape, and love your stool too.

    Hope you get some "sleep in" time soon. :)

  8. Seriously? You thrifted all this goodness?! Amazing reward for all of the hell you have been going through with the boy. Those Friendship bowls are so beautifully shiny! And those glasses? Way to show awesome restraint by not keeping them. I love vintage glassware but very rarely do I buy more than one of they are not being sold as a set. My collections are already out of control!

    Are there any particular tv shows that he likes? Both of my kids were early risers so I would pop a movie on and was able to catch a few more z's while they watched. Good luck!


  9. Awesome finds! No, I haven't found much lately because my funds are so limited. I just play, play, play with what I have!

    I feel your pain with your early riser because mine was the same for a while.
    He had a little built in clock that wouldn't change until he was ready. He could be up till midnight but still wake at 5:00!
    I think at one point, he was allowed to be "up" but had to stay in his bed with toys and books. I tried all sorts of things but nothing really helped until his inner clock changed.
    Hang in there mom, you're doing a great job.


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