Monday, April 21, 2014

This Past Week...

The awesome key shelf I bought last week got a sweet turquoise paint job.  It really pops off the white wall!  It needs more messing floofing, but so far this little area is working really well for us.   And Thanks Mom for the lard bucket!  It's another one from Colorado.

Squishy puppy face needs more kisses!
 I was really thankful to have a vendor night last.  Not only to get some work done and change the booth (seen here) but also so I could relax and have some quiet time.  The terrible twos...Ugh!
 That gumball machine with buttons in it is so cute, it almost didn't make it to the booth!  
 Scary dirty little squirrel wants to eat your soul!  He stayed at the store so he could continue his work, stink eyeing the customers and eating souls.
 This is in the town of Pueblo, just south of us.  I just love how they are restoring and adding to the old signage on the side of buildings.  So much character.
 Squeeeee!  Look at how big they are!  I scored these huge carved bakelite buttons in an antique shop for a fantastic price.  I just glued a bail to the back of them and attached a French ear wire, so now they can be added to any necklace.   JOY!!!
 Here's one of them taking center stage on a "work in progress" collage necklace.  Isn't it awesome?!  I've already added more to it after taking this picture.  The craziness of it isn't for everyone, but I like it!
 We had a great Easter at my parents house.  The Little Dude did his first Easter egg hunt and loved it.  Plus The Mom got him a Curious George stuffed animal that he's in LOVE with.  It's the cutest darn thing! 
 These two guys are so entertaining!  We could have watched them play all afternoon.  Viscous little animals.  : )
 The Grandma and Grandpa came back from Arizona bearing gifts!  The afghan is super pretty, but what makes it extra special is that my Great Grandma crocheted it.  That's something we'll treasure forever.  And the Gooseberry!  Holy crap, it's awesome!  I already have the set in my collection (thanks to The Grandma also), so these guys will go in my booth (she knew that when she got them for me) to fancy up the joint.  I just love this pattern!  THANK YOU!!!  

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  1. I have that full set of Gooseberry in my booth too! No one has snatched them up yet, which has really surprised me.

  2. Fun post, you got a lot going on here! Love the afghan, how special! Love your buttons and creative necklace. Your booth looks great!

  3. Great Bakelite finds! Um...ya...I'd avoid that squirrel. :/

  4. I have the same crazy stink eye squirrel ha! I would totally buy those buttons, how cute in the gumbalm machine! Love your granny's afghan very pretty and always nice to have something from our grandparents. I have a quilt and I cherish that thing!


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