Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Left Behind - Auction Goodies

So it might surprise you guys, but what was featured in yesterday's post was all I bought.  I felt like I got so much stuff, but when it was all laid out, I realized I didn't : (.  I totally could have gotten more had I stayed around longer because they were just trying to get stuff out, no matter the cost.  Melissa at Melissa's Antiques scored awesomely with that strategy this weekend.
But live and learn.  I like what I bought and I totally got to drool over some super cool stuff, but next time, it's on!
These green recliners were to die for!  The color, the comfy, the shape, they had it all.  They went as a pair for $200. 
I bid on this fabulous three legged chair, but backed out when it got too high.  It was super cool, but I really don't need another dang chair.  (I wanted it sooooo bad.  I almost cried when I didn't get it.)
 They didn't get to this section until after 3:00.  I think like 6 other tables full of stuff aren't pictured here.  
 Swoon!  This is a Post Office from Cotapaxi Colorado and it is a beast.  Two guys fought a bit over it until it finally went for $3,500!  Wouldn't that be so cool in your house, storing little vintage goodies?  
I was tempted to stay for these guys, but I wussed out.  The one made out of shells is my favorite.
 This picture is full of lovely things that begged to come home with me.   The little kitchen set was in great shape and went for $350.  The fabulous mod lamps went for $250 (that totally surprised me).  The two cabinets were a big draw for the auction.  An older gentlemen in a maroon leisure suit bought the one of the right, and a local dealer I recognized bought the one on the left.  They both went for around $400.  
This was a good learning experience for me because next time I will be totally prepared, and will come home with a glorious bounty!  Oh yes, it's happening...I don't know when, but soon...It's gonna be awesome.


  1. So much beauty to behold! At those prices it's best to leave them behind, but it's a dream for collectors with money. Everything is excellent quality, too. It's nice to bring home stuff you don't have to clean and repair for hours.

  2. First, thanks for the shoutout! Second, this auction looks like it was AWESOME! I'm obsessed with everything you took pictures of! I hope you get to go to another auction soon!

  3. Ohhh! The green chairs look so cool and comfortable!
    Bet it was a fun time!
    Erica :)


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