Monday, June 10, 2013

Auction Haul - Penguins and Jadeite!

I went to my first auction on Saturday and have come to a few conclusions.
1.  I need to take some aspirin beforehand,, during and after.  It was so loud and the auctioneers voice almost induced a brain bleed.
2.  Bring a friend.  I was by myself which I usually don't mind, but I got kind of lonely :(
3.  Bring more snacks!  So many more SNACKS!  And something to crochet.  That's totally what I should have had!
4.  Maybe find a different auction house to go to.  The auctioneers yelled at employees in front of everyone.  It was pretty uncomfortable.  Is that common?
5.  I need a bigger booth!  The awesome furniture was plentiful at this one.  Holding in the bids was making me all twitchy.
Taking 1-4 into consideration, I will probably go to an auction again, just not for 9 hours.  It was waaaay to long!
Check out the product of all my hard work. (Ha, mostly it was sitting on my rear end trying not to loose my mind.)
This was my first purchase of the day.  I probably paid a bit more than I should have considering it is broken, but I was kind of confused and having a hard time following the auctioneer dude.  I'm keeping it, so it doesn't matter too much.  It's pretty cool!
Check out these adorable little penguins!  I bid on an entire lot of shakers just to get these.  Millie and Willie Penguin, so stinking CUTE!  They will probably go to the Etsy shop after we enjoy them for a bit.
These are some of the other items from that lot.  A few more single ones aren't pictured.  So what the heck should I do with the singles?  List them on Etsy?  Donate them?
I'm not entirely sure why I bid on these milk glass pieces, but I like them.  Most of it will probably go to the booth. 
Look at what I got!!!  The hostess I was pinning over in last weeks Wanted Wednesday!  It's perfect and the only reason I stayed at the auction for so long.  I know it sounds silly, but I never see these in decent shape.  This one is pristine!  
So to get all of that Pyrex, I had to also take this stuff.  It was a big lot for a good price, but again, what the heck am I going to do with all of this?!  Take it to the booth I suppose.
 These are kind of yellowish.  I'm fairly certain they are really early Pyrex, but not 100%.  Does anyone know more about the clear Pyrex?
This Fire King mug is the first Jadeite I've ever found and I couldn't be more excited about it!  Though it is causing a bit of a mental dilemma.
Should I keep it or sell it, and if I sell it, where should I put it?  Etsy or the Booth?  Do you have better luck with one over the other with Jadeite?

Tomorrow I'll show you some other pictures from the auction.  And hopefully later this week I will have a glorious makeover to share with you!  Until then, I'm joining the parties at Apron Thrift GirlSir Thrift A LotSumo's Sweet StuffRemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty Groove and A Living Space. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Beeeautiful scores, holy hell. That clock! I love it. I almost went to my first auction this week but perhaps luckily forgot it, I have enough to list and sort as it is! For me personally all glassware and smalls sells for MUCH MORE and MORE QUICKLY online. I hear they do best on eBay but I like to sell 'em on Etsy.

  2. WOW! That clock is fantastic! I saved a picture of it because I think I'm going to try and make one like it! Lots of great hauls and lots of extras too... Hmm. Maybe have a "Fire sale" in the booth?!

  3. That CLOCK! I have yet to brave an auction, but will keep your pointers in mind some day when i do (and I hope I have as much luck as you! That pyrex, yowza!). :)

  4. That clock is amazing! Surely it wouldn't take much to get it up + running, right? Milk glass is my weakness, so I definitely would have bid on it too. Good finds!

  5. I get a headache at pretty much every auction, too! I have to go to auctions by myself a lot - so I bring my tablet or a book. Most of the time I try to meet new people, which is how I learn new things. Some of those old folks really know what they're talking about.

    You REALLY scored on the Pyrex - congrats! Hope you didn't have to battle for it.

    Can't wait to see what else you got.

  6. I say keep the Jadeite mug. It's the first ever Jadeite mug - you can sell the rest when you find more! But this one is special since it's the first. Drink everything out of it - water, coffee, tea, pop, orange juice. It all tastes better in Fire King.

  7. KEEEEEEP the Jadeite! Just keep.

    Put the singles in your booth! They sell in my neck of the woods!

    I have terrible self control at auctions.

  8. It's ALL lovely! And you're making me want to take another trip down to the springs just to shop your booth.

    That's Pyrex alright ;-) I have a collector's guide with some info in it. Is it unmarked? The engraved and clear pieces were made from 1918 to the 1930s.

    And I agree with everyone else--keep the mug! At least for now :) Great finds, as always!

  9. Well it may have been loud and long but you came away with some awesome things. Love the Penguin S& for the singles, I collect 'orphans' and have quite the collection so take to your booth or donate...there might be another me out there!


  10. Love the Jadite mug! I'd keep it! Or give it to me! ;)

  11. Yikes....sounds like you didn't have the best luck experience wise at the auction! Hanna & I went to our first auction on Sunday and we had a BLAST!! The auctioneer and workers were so funny and nice to one another. BUT you did get Pyrex which we did not:-( So you win that part.


  12. I say try other auctioneers. Around my area I have gotten to know which auctioneer does what. The one I attended on Saturday is quite mean to his employees and I get so frustrated with his attitude. I try to avoid his auctions but it was the only one in the area. I then go, knowing what it is going to be like. The good news is that I stuck it out; this auctioneer looses many people because of his attitude; and so I got some great deals because so many of the collectors left. So keep going to auctions. You got some great items.

  13. Okay, next time you need an auction buddy, maybe I need to make the trek down and join you! I've never been to an auction because the one up here is on Sundays and I don't shop that day. Just seeing what you bought plus the other stuff that was there makes me drool!

    PS--keep the jadeite. :) I have one just like yours that I keep my makeup brushes in and it makes me smile every morning! :)

  14. What fun you must have had - so many great items!! I can't believe you sat there for 9 hours!!! My goodness!!

  15. That is a long day! We had that same penguin s & p set when I was a tot-- my mom let us kids play with them; I don't think she ever used them for their intended purpose! Visiting from The Thrifty Groove.

  16. Love the clock- almost bid on one on ebay a while back, but at $75 I backed off! Then I found a very similar piece (no clock, tho) the other week at a thrift. So, I got what I wanted in the end. Love your blog- just found it from the Pyrex Collective!


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