Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

Most of you know that I live in the foot hills of the beautiful Colorado Rockies, and I wouldn't be a real Colorado chick if I didn't like to camp in those majestic purple mountains.  But here's the thing...I'm getting to damn old to sleep on the ground anymore!  For real!  I'm not adverse to doing my business in the woods, but man, I can't sleep on the ground anymore.  This fact keeps us from camping very often (Little Dude aside) because air mattresses suck and cots take up too much room.  Soooooo don't you think I NEED a camper?!  A cool vintage one!
This one is available for a reasonable $2800 on Craigslist.  I love the colors and the fact that it has mostly been remodeled. 
This one is priced a little steeper at $3800 without and remodeling.  It's bigger though.  
Look at that 70's interior!
For a measly $9,000 I could have this bad boy.
This one is rough, but check out those wings!  Awesome!
Yup, I'll take two of those please!  You know it's a lot when they don't show the price...
Remodeled and priced reasonably at $5500.  I REALLY like this one.
And if I ever win the lottery I will own a small fleet of super cool Airstreams!!  This needs to be mine!  Can someone just write a check?!
So there you have it.  I am currently, and will probably be for a long while, lusting after a camper.  
Do any of you guys have a vintage camper?  Have you restored it or left it in all it's old glory?
Also, if anyone happens to have one that they don't want anymore, or knows someone who has one they are looking to get rid of, let me know.  
Wicked cheap or free preferred!  : )
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  1. who doesn't LOVE vintage campers? I'm obsessed with the interior and exterior of the yellow and white one.

  2. I don't want to sleep on the ground anymore either! And I want better shelter than a tent when it rains too! I love these vintage campers. Good luck!

  3. Love the campers but I'm a stay in a motel gal now!

  4. I feel the same, I just can't sleep on the ground anymore either or lug around too much equipment. I LOVE those little campers, they are so cute! My cousin has a little airstream and they remodeled it really cute!

  5. I'm past the tent camping myself. I was just noticing there is a camper show this that we are retired a camper is something to think about!

  6. Love them all! My uncle has a perfect old Airstream in his backyard! The interior is all clean and original. He just likes to sleep out there sometimes with his cat! LOL
    He doesn't know that I have my eye on it!
    Erica :)

  7. Hi, I found you through Rednesday. I bought a vintage 1969 Trailblazer trailer in great condition. I'm slowly decorating it and the hubby will paint the outside for me (hopefully this summer. I am so glad I bought it, I just love it! We won't use this on the road though, I'm like you, I can't sleep on the ground any more but we have been using a pick up camper for many years and it has worked out perfect. When I travel alone I drive an old Suburban, stay at campgounds and sleep on a cot in the back...I can't stand motels...I just have to be outside with the fresh air!
    You'll find yours, it just takes time and you'll know when you see it! Have fun searching...that's what I did, found it on Craigslist.


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