Thursday, June 6, 2013

Left Behind - Weird, Scary or "What the..."

I don't buy everything that strikes my fancy or piques my interest.  Sometimes things are just too dang weird, or scary, or "what the hell does one do with that?!"  The following items are examples of the above phenomena.  
Weird, scary and pricey.  I'll admit, if Smokey was priced better, he would have come home with me.   He's not really a symbol of safety and strength without the shirt and hat.  I like the frightening irony in that.  
 What the hell does one do with this?!  It is obviously a hair dryer, but it's labeled broken.  Who needs that?!  It tricked me when I first glimpsed it's bent wood arms and sexy front legs.  I was irked when I realized that it wasn't the treasure I thought it was.  Broken hairdryer....geez.
Scary!  Kill it!  Kill it with fire!  Someone please tell me what the heck this thing is?  It was in the case and there was a crowd around it trying to guess it's origin.  I'm going with Hell, anyone have a more logical guess/answer?

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  1. You just made me snort.........."He's not really a symbol of safety and strength without the shirt and hat. I like the frightening irony in that."

    Seriously, you are my favorite.

  2. How wonderful we all do not have the same taste and liking's. Not my thing, but to others treasures.

  3. OMG!!! That doll is seriously the stuff of nightmares! I really don't think I've ever seen an uglier doll. Congrats on finding the worlds freakiest baby doll! LOL
    Erica :)

  4. What's with The Joker smile on that second doll? Serious eebie jeebies...

  5. I am a 61 year old grandma. That Smokey the Bear looks very much like mine. My Smokey lost his hat, shirt, and belt a long time ago. He has been mended between his legs and his underarms many times because I used to drag him around a lot. I was born on 12-24-51. My dad gave me a Smokey the Bear for Christmas the next day. (go figure) So my bear has been around a lot. Now, he has a shirt, (I made it) and a belt. No hat. He sits in a place of honor in my sewing room.

    1. That's so cool Roxie! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Too funny Melissa! I hope I don't insult the doll collectors here, but I see lots of them that look creepy, but yours takes the prize. Still laughing....

  7. I have been catching up/stalking the pages of your blog since I discovered you and this one really cracked me up! Bahaha.


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