Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wanted Wednesday - Reproduction Halloween

I've complained about it before and I'll complain about it again.  Vintage Halloween is SOOOOOO EXPENSIVE!!!  I know it's rare and I understand the price is generally warranted in antique stores, but my cheap self just has such a hard time forking out the dough for a paper decoration that will only be out for a month.  Since I'm too cheap thrifty for the real deal, reproductions are the next best thing.  I found this site while poking around Pinterest for free Halloween printables.  
The Beistle Company has decided to bring back a ton of super old Halloween designs and market them under Vintage Beistle!  Check it out!

The Vampire cats are probably my favorite, though the skeleton designs are also cool.  These yard decorations are tempting me too...
They have a few freebies too, and we all love freebies!  You can print these cute little gift tags out from this link.  I cut out the designs and am using them in a little craft project I'm working on.  
These candy boxes are a neat freebie too.  Link.
I might decide to spring for a few fun decorations if my booth sales do well the rest of the month.  Crossing my fingers!!!
Are you tempted by any of these awesome reproduction decorations?  Do you have a favorite?
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  1. YES!!! Thank you for sharing these, I'm a huge Halloween junkie and adore vintage Halloween decor. I understand their need to price it high, so I appreciate these links. Gonna explore this soon :)

  2. I love scoring vintage holiday items! I've been browsing since the beginning of the month. Usually, I can find them at a decent price but I agree, they are not always cheap. If I have to spend more than $5, I complain. But that's because I'm also cheap, no thrifty. :)

  3. Yay Beistiel! I might have to save my pennies as well, that skeleton is GREAT! Like I wrote on my blog today, I've tried to replicate old paper decorations, but they never turn out quite the same. Speaking of, to help your Halloween decorating along- how about making a black and orange paper chain out of construction paper?! Paper chains are one of my main filler decorations at the Casablanca! Thrifty, and inexpensive and totally vintage DIY!

  4. I have some of the actual real vintage Biestle stuff but have no issues with rounding out my vintage Halloween décor with reproductions. Thanks for the tip!


  5. i bought of bunch of those last year, including those four cats! they are awesome! heidi over at my paper crane got to go look through the archives last year! it is like a dream!

    1. Oh wow! That's one of those once in a lifetime type deals. What a lucky chick she is!

  6. These are so cute, reproduction would not bother me!!


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