Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Instagram Recap

Busy, busy, busy, but I feel like I didn't get a darn thing done!  I worked on fighting some cooties and won but unfortunately The Little Dude lost.  He just has a little virus and is fine now, but it sure slowed us down.  We had to reschedule a trip to Florida, but it's ok because we're still able to go...  though I'm not exactly super excited to fly with a toddler by myself.  o_O  
Anyway, I found some time to poke through my vintage Better Homes and Gardens magazines.  This little item is on my wishlist now!  
These starving kitties made me laugh.  The Kidney and Gravy food made me want to barf a little...
Yucky, scratched and chipped yet priced at $10.  TRIPPING!!!
I got sucked into the brightly colored money pit that is Target.  Those are candy corn Oreos and they are delightful!
This vintage Beistle cat was in a bag of Dollar Store Halloween crap.  I'm so glad I took the time to look through the bags! 
My favorite thrift find of the week has to be the Mon-stirs drink stirrers I found.  They'll look great with my decorations.  Can you tell I'm getting excited for Halloween?!

Any tips on flying with a toddler while maintaining sanity?  Colorado to Florida is a long way, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Also, do you use Instagram?  Find me at andromedavintage if you do.  It's so much fun!!!


  1. Best of luck in the air!

    I can't imagine being without Instagram now, love it!

  2. Tons of snacks! Plus, I always used to go out and buy a bunch of new activities that my kids had never seen before....color books, sticker books, card games. A portable DVD player helps too if you have it or can borrow one.

    Good luck!


  3. Same advice as Erica- snacks and new stuff. I would even wrap them up like presents. Who doesn't like that? :) Chewing gum go for take off and landing helps the ears. Oh, and let them kick the seat in front of them and you might have some drama to entertain you. ;)

  4. Is that a RED Christmas oval Pyrex?! I've only ever see. It in turquoise, white, black, and coral (UK Pyrex) but never RED! Hmmmm

  5. Good luck with the trip. A fully charged iPad with downloaded new games and movies will do the trick!

  6. I saw one of those stools in real life once! It looked unique, but awful the plastic or whatever it is had yellowed. And Target.. I've never stepped into one since they opened in Canada. I hear they aren't doing as great as they thought... guess they hyped themselves up a liiiilllllltttttlllee too much and consumers were disappointed. a Target hotel? I mean c'mon.


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