Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekly Instagram Recap

Last week started out well.  Nothing is better than a good beer while pricing and cleaning goodies.   
Sunday was the super fun Color Run (or walk in my case).  We had so much fun!  It took me more than a few days just to get all that colored powder out of my nose!  
I'm still going through my stash of old Better Homes and Gardens.  How adorable is this old ad?!  I'll take Pyrex and cake any day!  
This great folk art plastic kitty was thrifted last week and went straight to the booth.  I'll be sad to see it go.
She was eyeing me in the thrift store.  I left her there so she could continue her work of freaking people out.
This fabulous Halloween decoration was made by the fabulous Laurie at Magpie Ethel.  She's so dang talented!  
Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee.  Yup, it was glorious and I made it all by myself.  Take that fancy coffee joints!!!  I made some cold pressed coffee (recipe found here), added creamer, a pumpkin spice  blend and vanilla flavored sugar to taste.   Easy peasy!  
I got the stains out of the dress!!!!  Thanks for all the tips guys.   The Husband and I went to dinner while the Little Dude spent the night with The Mom.  We had so much fun and I felt so fancy in my dress.  I added a black cardigan to "night time" it up a bit.  
We went to Florence Colorado with some friends Saturday.  That's where I found my first dream pet.  It's an octopus, one of my most favorite animals!  It was meant to be.
This bench totally tempted me, but I decided to pass on it.  It isn't exactly what I want, though it's still pretty cool.  
What a great way to end the week.  Look at all those metal chairs!  If I ever win the lotto, these will be mine!  
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 : )


  1. I LOVE THAT DRESS! I'm so glad the stains came out. You look HOTTT in it!

  2. The Pillsbury ad with the aqua Pyrex is awesome! Definitely frame-worthy :-)


  3. Love the photos :) The coffeee! Sounds delish.

  4. Lovely dress! and you made me laugh with the elephant picture.

  5. I'd like one of those iced coffees please. And then I want to load up a bunch of those chairs into the back of my truck! Great pics!
    Erica :)


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