Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I Didn't Get and A Booth Update

I still haven't had a chance to organize and photograph any of my haul from the other day but I do have a few bad cell phone pictures of things I didn't get.  Excuse the poor quality.  The lighting was bad in the closet and I was trying to hurry so as to not take up any more of my cousins time.  I was just so thankful to have a chance to look at it all.  His mother was a trend follower for sure!  She had some AMAZING stuff that I didn't even get to photograph.
We'll start with the shoes.  Not in my wildest giant footed dreams would they have fit me!  She wore a size 5 up to a size 7.  That just won't cut it for my clodhoppers!  I also look like a truck driver wearing heels when I wear anything higher than an inch...but still, aren't these pretty?!!
Are you lucky enough to have little feet that fit fabulous vintage shoes? I never see cute old shoes in a size 9! 
These were gorgeous too  I'm sad that the picture I took of the box didn't turn out.  It had cute little polka dotted kitties on it.

I really really loved these!  They are wood and super cute and had they been a bit bigger they would have totally come home with me.  Would any of these lovely pairs of shoes have come home with you?
This purse also almost came home with me but logic won on this one.  What the heck would I do with it?  I'm trying so hard to not just buy stuff because I think it's pretty.  Damn being responsible...grumble grumble.
This yellow Sunday dress was to die for!  It was perfect in every way.  Again, I can't just buy it because it's one of the most beautiful vintage dresses I've seen in a LONG time...  I actually don't think it would have fit anyway.  She was a skinny chick back in the day!
That's all I have of the clothes and shoes other than the dresses I bought - those were posted those on my Instagram.  It was so much fun to look at such a wide variety of fashions in one place.  I don't know her (she's 90 and still kicking hard) but I can tell that she enjoyed fashion and took pride in what she wore.   
The booth has been a bit slow the past few days, but that is partly my fault.  I let it go for a tad too long without floofing so it was a mess when I got there.  I added a few things and cleaned up the joint so hopefully sales will perk up now.
This fun promotion is going on at our mall right now.  Isn't the chalkboard design cool?!  
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  1. I wish I had little feet to fit in shoes too! Those are adorable and I'm loving the kitty box!

    And that dress is just too cute!

  2. Used shoes is something I'd never consider buying, although, I am male. There have been people who argued about wearing bowling shoes at an alley, but some people wear their shoes 10-12 hours a day & are involved in some heavy duty walking.

  3. I wear size 9s too and have never ever found any even close to my size! I don't think I've ever seen any larger than a 7, come to think of it. Surely there must have been ladies with larger feet back then, right? So what the heck happened to all of their shoes?

  4. I love the shoes, dress and especially the Lucite purse from the 50's. Vintage anything always catches my eye. I wear a size 8. So common I often can't find my size.

    xo, Jeanne

  5. It looks like your mall often has fun events going on. My local mall does not and that's my dilemma. It's the closest one to me so it makes sense that I would have my booth there but it's such a boring mall that I'm tempted to go farther away! ♥

  6. Hanna is the one out of the both of us who is lucky enough to fit into vintage clothes so whenever we are out, I make her try things on and do a fashion show for me! I'm a little to curvy and, ahem, top heavy for them.



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