Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Goods

Finally, enough of this stalling crap!  I've talked a lot about how cool Junk Bonanza was and how much fun The Mom and I had but I haven't shared my haul yet, and I have a few decent reasons for that.
 1. It takes time to get everything cleaned up and put away and displayed just right.  Can't just put stuff away in any old place!  : )
2. Driving for four days is exhausting and I was pooped!  So really, The Mom drove most of the way, but sitting makes my bum sore!
3. And finally I just had so much fun that I wanted to draw the experience out as long as I could!
And now without further lollygagging and dithering, here are my fabulous new goods from our trip to Minneaplois.

Happy Earth Day(,a week too late...)  I came back with four globes, three of them from The Bonanza and one from a thrift.  My favorite is this one with the astrological signs on the base.  Everyone has given me a good bit of crap for my new collection, but I don't care because I love them!   I will NEVER be lost again!  : )

The The Little Dude turned 1 in January and we asked party guests to bring him a letter for his playroom wall.  We had a few missing so it became my mission to find them, which I thought would be difficult.  Yeah, not so much.  Letters were everywhere so I had plenty of choices.  I brought home the L, M, Q, and Y.  What do you guys think?  
Like I said, letters were everywhere so this giant "B" came home with me too.  It's huuuge!
Sneak peak at our new bathroom.
This golf club toilet paper holder was one of the first things I bought (The Husband is a golfer) and it is now living in our new bathroom.  The artist had some of the coolest handmade furniture there.  He took old tailgates and made tables and benches.  He had the neatest bars too.  I really would have loved to come home with a big Studebaker table, but he was priced way out of my budget, and rightly so.  I'm glad I was able to come home with a little piece.

A few pennants to go with my little collection.  I love how they add so much color to my entry way for such little money!

This fabulous bracelet was my only jewelry purchase.  There were a lot of really great jewelry artists and they were all different from each other.  The Mom bought a great necklace made with a flattened spoon from one vendor and a pendant with a map of Boston from another.  I could have spent so much on jewelry, but I refrained.  The Little Dude makes it hard to wear much anymore, what with the pulling, the tugging and the yanking...
There were quite a few Paint By Numbers, but this one was my favorite.  They look a little crazy and I like it!
I recently gussied up that table with some maps and white paint.  It was my Grandma's and she had it for forever, so when she tried to get rid of it years ago, I saved it out of nostalgia.  It's super cool now, I'm so glad I saved it!

And last but not certainly not least... Look, LOOK LOOOOOK at what I found!  Can you tell I'm excited?!  I don't know if you remember, but in this post I talked about these biology charts that I really wanted a few of one day.  Well now I have one and that's a good start!

It's French, hand painted and fabulous!  The animal is a very primitive fish called a Lamprey and I now get to look at that handsome mug every day because I hung it in my bedroom!  I freaking love it!!!
So that's pretty much it.  I got a few small things like buttons for jewelry making and a cool giant safety pin, but that was it for small items.  I could have lost the farm there for sure, but I was trying to behave.  Everything was marked too high for me to resell, so what I bought I'm keeping and I'm trying really hard not to have too much.  It's a struggle for sure, but I think I'm succeeding.  I know it doesn't seem like I came back with much, and you might be wondering if it was worth the 13 hour drive and expense.  HELL YES it was!  It was awesome and I'm beyond excited to go next year!  You should come too!  : )
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  1. Finally! I've been dying to see what you found and I wasn't disappointed!

    Love the globe display and the letters look great too buy my favorite piece would have to be those crazy paint by number birds. I display vintage birds in my bathroom!

    Have a great week!


  2. Oh my goodness, I would have snatched up the lamprey in 2 seconds! This is a very cool find and is very unique. What an uncommon fish for a biology poster. In our household I'm the bird nerd and my husband is a fish biolgist so this kind of stuff is a must. Lucky lucky!

    Happy Monday!

  3. That lamprey poster is amazing. It is definitely a keeper!

  4. I love the globes! The display looks great!

    I want to see more of the map table!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! You found great treasures. I love spoon jewelry!

  6. Outstanding buys, you chose well. Love the bracelet, so unique. Fantastic poster also. Need to see more of your redo on your grandma's table! :) Pam

  7. I love that post SO SO MUCH!!! so cool--great blog so happy to find you

  8. OK, um, I don't golf but I'm really likin' the golf club toilet paper holder. Do you remember the name of the vendor/crafter/artist who made it?

    1. Hi! So I had to do a bit of digging because I just couldn't remember to save my life, hence the delay.
      I think it is from Relics Awry. Here's his Facebook link:


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