Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thrift Haul - Happy Holidays

I'm about two seconds away from busting out into a spirited version of White Christmas! Seriously,  I've found a lot of awesome Christmas stuff lately (last week) and it is totally getting me into the holiday spirit a bit super early this year.   
The Shiny Brites were plentiful this week.  Check out the perfect box of lavender bulbs!!!  They're lovely!  I bought the two boxes on the bottom for wreath making and was stoked to find mostly old Polish ornaments. 
 More ornaments!!!  And no, I didn't screw up and photograph the lavender Shiny Brites twice, I found a second box a few days later!  That is some seriously good thrifting juju right there. 
This poster is a really cool promo item from 1968.  I'm going to try it first in the booth after I research it a bit.  I bought the opal so I could have the cradle but now I'm not sure if it's the right one.  It originally came with one that was oddly shaped like that, but the handles are making me wonder.  Anyone know for sure if this cradle is Pyrex or a Fire King impostor?
A few good antique store finds.  The Mr. Cola crate is for Grapette Soda (heard of it, I haven't), from Colorado, and was priced really well plus on sale-didn't have to twist my arm!  I'm a sucker for stuff from my home state.    I love the Smokey the Bear litter bag!  It was filled with other good 60's era Colorado ephemera.  
 Now Monster Mash is stuck in my head!  The thrift gods were smiling down on me again because I scored some fabulous vintage Halloween over the weekend!  The walrus and Spock came from the thrifts and Mickey was priced well in his original box at an antique shop.  Everything other than Mister Spock is being set aside for next year.  They are so creepy looking!!!
Sorry, it is going to get a bit wordy here.  Here is what topped off my already pretty dang good week.  The Mom, The Little Dude and I went to a small town called Rocky Ford for my Uncles 80th birthday.  We stopped at a Store called Don's for Lad and Dad (cute name!) and the first thing I noticed were vintage Halloween decorations in the display window.  There were more inside the store too (I'm kicking myself for not getting pictures)!  I asked the wife if I could buy one of their awesome decorations and the husband said "I have a whole box of that old stuff upstairs, hold on."  I'm not usually one for this little acronym, but it fit the situation - OMG, OMG, OMG!!!  This is everything he sold to me, and at good prices to because he wanted to make sure I made a little money on it in my booth.  Such a nice man!!!
 Everything is currently on display at my house.  I'll sell some of it next year...maybe!  Ha!
 Check out her green toe sticking out of her boot.  I love Beistle!  
He even has some crepe paper hair left.  I have to repair his arm, but I think he'll sell well next year. 
He might be my favorite.  It's jointed and in really good shape.  They had a fabulous pumpkin and owl in the same style displayed in the store but they weren't for sale.  He seemed to really like the ones he put out, so I didn't press too hard for them.
He just gave me these three!  I'm telling you guys, they were the sweetest little couple ever.  The store has been open since 1933 and they've owned it since 1969.  He said they have a bunch of old Christmas stuff too and to come down around then.  I internally freaked out again and shook his hand while I told him I'd see him in a few months!  Yay for super cool small town people!
 I'm so thankful to have met Don and Carol and spend a bit of time with them.  They were pretty excited to share a bit of their story with me and I was grateful to hear it. 
Do you have a fun unexpected vintage finding story?  Share it with us if you do!
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  1. You definitely scored some AMAZINGGGGGGG stuff! So super insanely jealous of you! Send the good thrifting vibes my way! :)

  2. So cool! And, you meet so many neat people when you're out picking!

  3. My goodness! What an AWESOME holiday haul!!!! I'm in the same boat with you about Christmas decs haha I bought my first "grab bag" of ornaments last Friday for about 8 of the older glass ornaments! I'm ready to break out the aluminum tree.

  4. Our thrifts are slowly starting to put out their Christmas. I just want to yell "Put away all this Halloween crap & get out the goods!". Hopefully next week. I am dying to find a haul like yours. If this year is anything like last year, I should have no problems :-)

    Glad you also found some Halloween. I only found a few vintage pieces of it at the thrifts this year but since it can be so hard to find, I'm happy with what I found. Plus, my wonderful sister finds things for me too. I get to reap the benefits of my brother in law being a holiday décor fun sucker!


  5. Woah damn that is an amazing score of vintage holiday goodness, I love every single score! I've forced myself to stop hunting for a while so I can sort/sell what I've got- this is making me want to go on the prowl again!

  6. Send your Shiny Brite finding juju HERE! TO ME! I want ALL THE SHINY BRITES!!!!!!

  7. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for you this vintage Christmas season. Such great Halloween decorations. I can't wait for Halloween to be over! I'm gonna be out everyday.lol.

    No fun stories like yours...

  8. Have you made a wreath before? I'm thinking about attempting one, if I have enough decorations! That was definitely a good weekend trip for you!! You best get back there again soon!

  9. you really did have a great weekend! i love that the shop owner went and pulled out the box for you. i can't wait to see what he has at christmas time!

  10. OMG! You scored! I love the lavender Shiny Brites! And the witch in front on the moon in the last pic! Oh, and the roll of crepe paper steamers! AHH! It's all great.
    Happy for your success- Erica :)

  11. Wow, you had a seriously amazing haul here! I love the ornaments, of course, and that poster is also amazing, the masks are super cool (are you selling any? Phillip loves the wolf man one), and those paper cutouts are the cherry on top! Way to go!

  12. I'm loving that the thrift stores--at least not in my area--have not yet caught on that these vintage glass ornaments are popular right now. So beautiful! I love all your holiday goodies.


  13. I am old enough to recognize a few of those decorations as things that were on doors when I trick-or-treated as a child. As a very YOUNG child, I mean. :-) Great score. They don't make decorations with that much charm anymore.


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