Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Thrift Haul and Some Sweet Gifts

Well, as you saw in yesterday's post, we're back from our trip to Florida!  The Little Dude did really well on all the flights, thank my lucky stars! It was a really great trip full of fun activities and precious family time.  I feel very lucky and blessed.
My Grandma was very sick recently, so I didn't expect we'd do much but sit around the house, enjoying each others company.  Guys, I almost couldn't keep up with her, it was amazing!  One of our days out was to Dade City to go do a bit of junking.  The spun cotton angels were a steal!  And while I know it's not Pyrex,  (gasp!) I really liked the pattern on this cute little bowl.
My Grandma has a lot of history in her house, and she was kind enough to share some of it with me.  The old sugar sacks will be used in some kind of craft project and that little baby is sitting with my keepers in the sun room.  She gave my brothers and I each a salt shaker set!  Yay!
The ball jar is really special - it was her Grandmothers!  Imagine how much food that jar has seen...  The two items next to it belonged to her mom, my Big Momma.  The little trinket box had that Babe Ruth clipping in it, I wonder if it's from when he actually played.  And the little glass turtle pin cushion is keeping my sewing machine company.  So cute!!!   Thank you so much for all the fun stories and little goodies.  I really means a lot to me!!!
I went to my usual thrift when we got home, and it was like a whole new shop!  It's amazing the new things you notice when you haven't been there for 10 days.  They put out the Christmas stuff and I dove right in.  Christmas and Pyrex...yes please!!!
This guy is my favorite Christmas find yet.  His angry little head is spun cotton and his arms are mercury glass beads.  
I have no idea how these survived the bins in the back.  All of the glass ornaments I found were bagged up and each one had at least one broken bulb in it.  The mushroom and peacock are broken on the top, but I figure with some careful placement they will be perfect for a ornament wreath.
It must have been my lucky day because I found some vintage buttons too!  I have to start selling these, I'm running out of room to store them!!!  I just love them so much!  Do you have an item that you just can't resist when you see it?
Yay for vintage Halloween!  These were at a local antique mall that was having a store wide moving sale.  After all the discounts, they were 35% off and I got them for a steal!  I felt bad, but the lady at the counter told me that the owners were going to reimburse the vendors for part of the discounts. 
And to finish off a great thrifting week, I found this dang near perfect promotional piece with its original handle.  It will be in the booth in the next few days.
 It's been a busy but super fun past few weeks.  This next week will be spent catching up with all my blogs friends.  I fell like it's been ages, I miss you guys!!!
I'm joining the parties at  Sir Thrift A LotRemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty GrooveA Living SpaceIvy And ElephantsThe Cottage Market and Apron Thrift Girl. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Awwe, nice items from grandma! I couldn't keep up with my grandpa at his 90th, dancing like crazy. .. it's amazing isn't it?

    Nice Halloween decorations! An antique market I visit once in awhile is having a Halloween sale, but will be passing through a day before and a day after! haha, too bad.

    I can't resist vintage cards. Sometimes I buy a bag for two or three. And that Pyrex promotional is my fav!

  2. Now, that is a silly question - do I buy things that I can't resist? It happens all the time!! Like the tulip bowl I just bought, I have no business buying that at all, but I thought I needed it!!!!

    You sure hit the jackpot on Christmas - you found some great decorations!!

    Things from "home" are so special - lucky you could get some things...

  3. Eeeeeeeeek!! That vintage Christmas haul is amazing!!! My thrifts are very slowly starting to put out Christmas but I haven't found any vintage yet. Pretty soon I will be hitting them up almost daily.

    So glad your trip went well and happy that you are back!


  4. Great stuff! I used to have a bowl just like yours, but with aqua diamonds on it. So cute.... I'm glad you had a good trip!

  5. Love it all! The broken ornaments will be perfect for a wreath! Yes, pyrex and vintage Christmas equals a great day!
    Erica :)

  6. love your hand-me-down heirlooms and also your thrifted stuff! amazing finds!

  7. Look at all those holiday decorations! You are set!

  8. Melissa, just loved reading about your visit with your Grandma and seeing all the treasures she shared with you. Those family "heirlooms" are the best! I treasure the things from my Mom and Nana. You really scored at the thrifts also, wow! Ah, vintage buttons, love them but never seem to find them. Love that pattern on the bowl also, who says it has to be Pyrex? :) Pam

  9. Loving the "heirlooms" from your grandma. Those are the best and I treasure mine, too. Great scores on the vintage Halloween and Christmas. I have a very hard time resisting buttons and even a harder time selling them.

  10. Great stuff! Hope you had a great trip!


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