Sunday, November 17, 2013

Instagram Recap

Am I the only one who has noticed how out of control word verifications have been lately?  I had to refresh this one 3 times before I could read what it said.  I'm not a robot and I can't read Sanskrit or non-existent letters/numbers.  Dang!!!
These Corning ornaments were in my sun room for a year before I realized what  they were.   Yup, I'm that observant...
 I should have bought this dude.  Thrift regret!!!
Our zoo allows peacocks to roam the grounds freely and they let you get so close to them!  The Little Dude loves to see just how close he can get before they run away.  I usually have to grab him before the bird does! 
 The booth got a good floofing this week.   I LOVE that freaking tree!!!
 So I made one huge batch of regular buttermilk biscuits and one huge batch of pumpkin biscuits (with my Big Momma's cutter) and in the middle of it my oven crapped out.  Oh.Hell.No.Oven!!!  After I had a mild stroke it decided to start working again.  Stupid contraption, make me freak out like a fool...
 One little picture of Pyrex almost sold this cute but expensive book for me.  I think I was having a wicked case of "empty hand syndrome."
 I didn't get much at the thrifts this week, but I did find a few boxes of light bulbs.  I found a pin that inspired me to make these fabulous bulb clusters.  
 Won't they look great hanging next to my fabulous wreath?
 I didn't spot this guy, The Little Dude did.  We were walking through an antique shop and he started giggling and pointing like crazy.  He really wanted this creepy ass thing!!!  Though the more I look at him, the more I like him...

Do you Instagram?  Find me at andromedavintage if you do.  It's so much fun!!!

Update: The wonderful pumpkin biscuit recipe can be found here!


  1. I need to know about these pumpkin biscuits............

  2. Those bulb clusters are neat-o! And humpty creepy dumpty... Better left at the antique store!

  3. Ahhh, empty hand symdrome... I've been able to control myself lately. Makes me feel good.

    I despise word verification, especially when I am commenting on my phone. You know, I've been blogging for 4 years & I have gotten spam twice. Do people really get that much spam & I'm just lucky? Or why do people choose to have it? Don't get it... I know why contests have it (to avoid bots) & certain other places have it to refrain from automated signups.. but yeah... They need that one that is:

    1+1= ___


    rant over!

  4. Those verification thingies are trying to take over the world, I'm sure of it. I don't use them on my blog and like Sir T-A-L it's very rare that I get spam. Happens way more often on my author website but I just delete them. Blogger, be brave and free your comments

  5. Wow, those bulb clusters are crazy cool!


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