Monday, November 4, 2013

Thrift Haul - More Christmas!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know.  Last week I was two seconds away from busting out in song and this week's haul has just pushed me over the edge! Christmas tunes will play in my head for the next two months...not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  
This Tom and Jerry punch bowl set is probably my favorite find of the week.  I think it's Hazel Atlas but I'm not totally sure.  It will be going to the booth in the next week or so.  Re-sellers - when do you guys start putting out your Christmas stuff?

I must be the only one in my area who buys Shiny Brites because I keep finding a TON of them.
These little bits will be really cute on the ornament wreaths I hope to make.  I have a whole bag full of those little fire hazard light covers.  
A few non Christmas things made their way home with me last week.  The Hazel Atlas plates are a bit too yucky for resale... Poor me!  All of the little critters here will be going into the Etsy shop soon. 
I hit two estate sales this weekend and the pickings were slim,. The two Vera scarves are my first Vera finds ever.  I'm going to keep the yellow and grey one and sell the brown one.  I probably wouldn't have bought them if I didn't read Jill's blog A Little Bit of Everything.   She's the Vera queen!   I'll put the bar glasses in the Etsy shop and probably decorate the safety pins with buttons for Christmas gifts.   Holy crap...Christmas crafting is right around the corner!
I'm hoping going to get started on making ornament wreaths soon.  I've never made one before, but Hanna and Erica at The Adventure of Two Thrifting Sisters made them here last year and I think I can follow along on their blog posts.  I'm ready to get started with my Christmas projects!  I'll be kicking it off this Saturday when The Mom and I head up to Denver to do a little crafting class with Heidi from Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls.  I'm so excited to meet a blog friend and make her cute project!  It's going to be a blast!
Do you have any special vintage holiday crafting you do? 


  1. LOL! Jill is the Vera queen, that's for sure! You are totally right about other bloggers inspiring purchases. I see fellow bloggers post some stuff sometimes that I've never seen before & can never unsee & now that I've seen I can't live without!

    Loving all the Christmas, it's getting me excited!

  2. GREAT finds, Melissa! The Tom & Jerry IS Hazel Atlas. I just sold a similar set on etsy last week! I'm going to start jazzing up my booth for Christmas this weekend. I'm going to put up some greenery, lights, and a small tree with ornaments for sale. Not going to go too overboard, because I do most of my Christmas sales online. Just want to keep up with what is selling!

    And speaking of Christmas - you're really hitting the jackpot on the SB's. I don't ever see boxes of SB in the thrifts. I've only ever found one box thrifting and it was last year at the Goodwill Outlet during the spring.

    Share your ornament wreath once you're done! I'm too scared to even attempt one!

  3. The wreaths were actually pretty dang easy but I'm pretty sure the Pomegranate Champagne cocktails helped! Make sure you have some on hand :-)

    I just picked up some Shiny Brites at the thrift this morning. Our thrifts are still pretty slow to get the Christmas out but I am checking everyday. Thrifting everyday? Yah, tough job. Be sure and let us know if you need anymore wreath tips!


  4. I just saw some ornament wreaths this weekend and was pondering how to make one! Thanks for the link. I definitely need to get all my christmas listed on Etsy, like, yesterday. sigh. :)

  5. It seems soooo early, but I know I need to get my Christmas stuff listed ASAP! Loving all your finds...those crinoline plates are one of my absolute favorite patterns!

  6. The Tom & Jerry set and Christmas ornaments are wonderful.

  7. The wreaths are SO fun! totally addictive. And they make the hugest mess possible because you simply HAVE to spread out ALL of your vintage ornaments all over everything so you know what you have to choose from. And you are finding some AWESOME Shiny Brites!

    So excited you're coming this weekend! :D

  8. Serious Shiny Brite envy here! Send some of that luck my way!!!!

  9. Wow, you just keep scoring ..lucky girl! Yup, Tom & Jerry set is HA, and sorry about your luck on having to keep the crinoline plates, lol. You are the Shiny Brite queen! :) Pam

  10. It's the Vera Queen speaking here - Hah!! That's funny!! Love the ones you found!!

    The Shiny Brite boxes are nearly as nice as the ornaments - you are sure finding lots. Today I am stopping by our little local collectible shop, he posted yesterday he has 30 boxes of Christmas, what that means, I don't know, but I'm going to see!!

  11. Been making those wreaths for probably 15 years and have made over 200. They are easy but take more ornaments than you think. I surround myself with bins of ornaments while I make them so is easy to grab while I craft. Good luck.

  12. That Tom & Jerry set got my attention on A Living Space! Yes, I think it's probably HA, just my guess. Love all your finds. Those glasses are so awesome, too. I'd love it if you'd share this at my link party, We Call It Olde, for any post on antiques, history, or vintage items. Tues-Saturdays. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

    1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for visiting! I updated my link party list to include you guys. Thanks so much!

    2. Thanks for sharing this at the We Call It Olde Link-Up. Hope to see you there again. (Tuesdays - Saturdays) Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  13. Saw you at A Living Space's The Nifty Thrifty where I also linked in. Love your blog! I just recently bought a whole medium-sized box of vintage Christmas for $1 at a garage sale!! I just listed a few of the contents at my Etsy store. Your finds made me think of it:) Hope you do well with your purchases on Etsy. Check out my blog: Adirondack Girl @ Heart at if you get a chance!


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