Thursday, November 14, 2013

Booth Update

The tree is up in the booth - I just couldn't wait any longer!!!  I LOVE this tree and it is perfect for my booth because even without lights on it sparkles, which is fanfreakingtastic because I don't have an electrical outlet in my space.  It really draws people into my little alcove.
The Best Bud came down and helped me floof the booth (yes, that's a technical term) during vendor night yesterday.  Thanks for your help and handwriting, it looks great!!!  I'm so lucky our owners do that for us, otherwise big changes would be really complicated for me (The Little Dude HATES going to the booth now).   It may not seem big, but changing that chalk board wall is a pain in the rear and requires some mess making which I would rather not do with customers around.  
I'm excited to see how this holiday season goes.  If last year is any reliable measure, it should be awesome!  It's such a fun and cheery time of year.  Just try looking at that tree without smiling a little!  I bet you can't!
Oh, and I just bought a pair of boots for myself for Christmas!  Hopefully they come tomorrow and they fit, cross your fingers for me!!! 
 Have any of you bought yourself an early Christmas gift yet? : )
Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Looks great! Always bursting of Pyrex!!

    Haven't gifted myself anything yet, but I totally will.

  2. It looks great! The tree is perfect. I found a white one the other day for my booth-I hope it works out as nicely as yours did. I can't wait to start getting into the holiday spirit! And yes, I have bought myself far too many early Christmas gifts :)

  3. Love your booth, if we had a shop like that around here, I would have a booth too, it would be so much fun! Your tree looks so cute!

  4. It looks great!! Love that tree!

    If my mall had done vendor nights, it may have been easier for me to stick with it!

  5. Yep! the tree made me smile immediately!

    I'm curious what the label says on your coffee carafe! I have one similar.

  6. MUST. HAVE. THAT. TREE. How dare you tease us all! If you're willing to part with it - that will be my early Christmas gift to myself. I have a 6 foot one... and I've been dying for a smaller one. Everything looks GREAT!

  7. Oh yes I bought myself an early present! Go look over at my blog!!!

  8. Looks great... and of coarse I did... I had The Man buy me a Vintage French Bottle Drying Rack to use in my Art Studio to hold my spools of Vintage Trims. I could justify it that way as a NEED! *winks*...

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. OMG Melissa, you made me Laugh out loud this morning with your Blog Visit and 'damn the man' comment! I had a Sixties Flashback and Rush of Nostalgia of Rebellious Hippie Indignation of Fighting The System full on! *LMAO* I always was a sucka for a Lost Cause you know. *Winks* Hugs and Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. The booth looks amazing! I wish I could zoom in and look at every little thing!
    Great job on being strong and selling those Shiny Brites! :)

  11. That tree is fan-freaking-tastic and your booth looks packed to the gills with good stuff. NICE JOB! My store usually has one vendor night per month, which is a Godsend, because, like you, I can't get anything done by taking the kids with me. This week the owner is closing down two full days (yesterday and today) so we can get ready for the open house on Friday...just waiting for my babysitter and then I'm taking it apart and putting it back together, with your Christmas vibes as inspiration!


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