Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

After my unintentional break from thrifting, I was eager to get back at it yesterday, so the first place The Little Dude and I went was the thrift shop!

The first thing I spied was this Butterfly Gold mixing bowl.  I have found this same one before and it sold quickly.  I'm taking it to the booth ASAP!

Next was this Forest Fancies round casserole dish.  Now I have a small Forest Fancies that hasn't moved, but I thought I would take the risk again.  I was so excited to see multiple pieces of Pyrex again that I couldn't really pass it up.

The universe was telling me that the break was worth it because right after that I spied this fabulous Pyrex juice pitcher.  It is in great shape.  I've never had one to sell before, so I'm curious to see how this does.  Has anyone had any luck with these?

I couldn't say no to this cloche.  I'm not a good enough decorator to use them myself, but I know others are.  The Mom makes them looks so fancy and cool.  I'll have to get her to take a picture so I can show everyone.  Does anyone else use these or bell jars in their decorating?

And I found this lovely Embroidery pattern bowl at the antique mall where my booth is (yes I shop there too) but I couldn't bring myself to spend the $40 they wanted for it!  Goodness gracious!  The thrifter in me couldn't hand that, but the collector in me tried to rationalize it and make it work.  I walked away sulking...

And a bit of non-booth news:  I have a little crawler on my hands now!  He is all over the place, so my posts might be a little less timely (as is obviously the case in this wicked late post) as a result.  The Little Dude is growing fast and I want to see every bit of it!

I'm going to head over to Sir Thrift A Lot for his wonderfully thrifty link up.  Have a great night everyone!


  1. i have that same juice pitcher! i love it so I haven't tried to sell it. I also like those cloche things, i've been tempted to buy them because i've seen really beautiful things done with them, but haven't taken the plunge.

  2. Hey Melissa....!

    Thanks so much for popping by....!! I WISH you could come....You'd have a BLAST....!!

    LOVIN' your Pyrex....I never find pieces down here in decent condition....!!

    Have a GREAT week....!!!!!


  3. I have various sizes and styles of the Pyrex carafes, it's just so much nicer to pour your juice from one of those! I see no reason why it wouldn't sell.


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