Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Barracuda Bazaar

Old Colorado City is one of my favorite places to walk around during my me time.   Most of the stores are typical Colorado souvenir stores selling silly t shirts and cheesy southwest wares.  No offense to those that enjoy that style, but when you live in the Southwest, the style becomes repetitive because when you have seen one turquoise bear, you have seen them all!  Anyway, some different stores are attempting to liven the place up a little bit.   Barracuda Bazaar  has been working on it for a little while and seems to be having an effect.  This store has more than a funky name.  They sell new clothing and gently used items, that won't make you bank account cry, among funny things like bacon bandages.  They also pepper their space with great vintage pieces.  These chicks know how to set stuff up and arrange, because everything there is easy to see and envision in your house.  This shop is so pretty and nicely put together.  It's a cute little boutique, but without the Snotty Susie's at the register!  Here are a few pictures of the shop:

These lights are so cool!  I'm thinking about asking Santa for one.  
They are called spaghetti lights I think and I could just eat them up! 
Sorry, I couldn't hold that one in...

This is an old bowling lane console.  It looks like a robot that wants to make me milkshakes!
What is with me and food today?

Anyway, this is a great store that does a good job of mixing new and old.  And these guys didn't give me anything for this post, nor do I want anything from them.  I just like the store and think it is important to do what I can to help small business. 

To finish things up, I put in a 30 day notice where I currently have a case.  No love lost there.  The space I checked out today at the bigger and better antique mall will be just perfect, and you can't beat the $38 a month rent!  I know, I know, I thought the same thing, but it is actually a good spot, it is just small.  And right now, I'm good with that.  I will work my way up.  Pictures of that to come in the next few weeks, so excited!

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