Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Monday

LV over at Thoughts From Meme's Corner has again alerted me to another fun color day.  Today we have Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally

This is what I found yesterday on our road trip, and it works well with Blue Monday too!
The graphics on this woodem crate are so great!  How can you beat the owl and the anchor on a blue background?!  This is going to look great in someones living room (haven't decided if it will be my living room or not yet :)  I found that and the gold butterfly Pyrex dish in Central City.

Today we went to a friends house to grill some burgers and relax.  I made a version of this recipe for vegetable tian over at For The Love Of Cooking and used my black rooster casserole dish.  I also took some grapes in caramel sauce and peanut butter pretzels in my black barbed wire dish.  Everything tasted really good, but I was more concerned with the presentation.   It was awesome of course!!!

I wish I had a better pic, but I was in a hurry to get over there.

Thanks again to LV at  Thoughts From Meme's Corner  and Smiling Sally for hosting Blue Monday!

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