Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Bakelite Beauty!

While I know that my blog is called I Love Vintage Housewares, I will on occasion throw some other kinds of stuff on here, just to mix it up a little and keep you on your toes!
I ran into my local thrift shop just to do a quick scan when I found this little gem:

It was only $7 and I was pretty sure at the store that it was genuine Bakelite (I posted about my first Bakelite find here), but I couldn't confirm it.  I would have done the smell test, but I have a really bad sense of smell so I couldn't use my sniffer and I thought it would be sketchy to go up to someone and ask them, "does this bracelet smells like burnt hair when I rub it?"  Just typing it feels weird.
Anyway, because of the color, weight and sound, I was pretty sure it was real, but I still had to confirm it.  An article I found here said to soak a cotton swab with 409 and gently rub the inside of the bracelet.  If it turned yellow, then it is genuine.  Well "hot dog" I thought, "I have some of that under the sink."  I tested it on one I knew was real, and one I knew was regular old plastic.  The plastic didn't react, but the known real one and the new one above did.  I have to do some research to see what chemical is reacting with what, but as of right now, I am pretty sure that I picked up a terrific Bakelite bangle for super cheap!

I'm going to head over to join Vintage Thingie Thursday over at The Colorado Lady and check out the other links!


  1. Regardless of what it is made of, it is a very pretty bracelet.

  2. Hi Melissa - just read several of your posts. Good finds indeed. I think I will try Bartenders Friend, your got great results in cleaning that bowl.


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