Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mini Road Trip

We live in one of the prettiest places in the country and have been here a really long time but I never really tire of exploring my beloved Colorado.   So the husband and I packed up the baby and hit the road Jack! We poked around in Georgetown but didn't find much and it was starting to storm so we decided to move along.  We stopped in Central City which is new to adult me.  Apparently I have been there before as a child, according to the Mom, but have no memory of it : )  It is mostly casinos, but there are a few shops here and there.  I love the look of old mining towns so I enjoyed wandering about and taking pictures.

This is a shed or a super little house outside of George Town.  It had utilities to it, so maybe a really short person lived there.  Anyway, I really like how it reminds me of DIA (Denver International Airport) and the different retro churches around Colorado.  Thanks awesome hubby for turning around so I could get a picture!

These signs made me smile.  Old signs on brick buildings are always cool.  I like that the building owners took the time and money to refurbish these.  That must have been some wicked coffee!

We have a few more pics, but I don't want to be that chick that bores the friends and family with a bagillion slides from vacation!

It was nice to spend some time together today, but we are all really tuckered out now and ready for bed.

Tomorrow I will post about the few little things I found today.  I tried to take pictures when we got home, but it was way too dark.

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