Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Starting to Get It!

So I have been reading Mary and Russel Wrights Guide to Easier Living and some things are finally starting to make sense to me.  I saw these at the thrift shop yesterday: (please excuse the bad phone pics)

So normally I would have just passed these over without a second thought.  But this time I took a second to look at them because I understand them a little better now thanks to the book.  They are so ornate and pretty because women back in the day wanted something attractive at the table, but they also wanted to reduce the amount of work required for a normal evening dinner.  These decorated pots allowed them to make and serve their recipes in the same dish!  Now this to me is still strange because I am of the age where you are damn lucky to get anything, I could care less if it is packaged prettily!  But, I get what they were going for, and I think it wouldn't hurt to bring a little of that back.  Use pretty dishes and set the table.  And all of this is the pot calling the kettle black because we eat in the stinking living room in front of the tv!  But I am going to try, if for no other reason than to use my beautiful dining room table and growing collection of Pyrex!   

A few other pics of fancy pots at the thrift shop yesterday:

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  1. The first set of pots are Asta. They are made in Germany, we bought a set there in the 1980's and they are quite expensive in the US. We visited the factory in Germany when we were there. I still use mine.


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