Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh Pyrex, How I Love Thee... Let Me Count The Ways

Yesterday the husband and I went up to Denver to pick up this awesome cabinet from a super nice women who was selling it on the cheap on craigslist.  She was getting rid of it because she purchased a really great mid century modern cabinet to replace it.  As I was admiring her collection of vintage furniture, she was telling me about the Denver Modernism Show.  Wait, whaaaaaa?!  What wonderful thing is this?!  Google, don't fail me now!  A wonderful show of all things vintage and mid century will be taking place in north Denver this weekend and guess who is going? This chick!!!  I'm going to check it out on Saturday, so I will report back.
Wow, all that and all I really wanted to talk about was my bitchin Pyrex!  I collect the turquoise and black patterns and I think they look fabulous together in my great new to me cabinet.  It looks kind of sparse now, but that just means I have room for more!  That top one is my favorite piece and my Mom got it for me because she is just that cool!  It really deserves to have a post all to itself, and soon it will.  I also really love my black rooster one on the bottom.  That was the first one I purchased (for what I know now was to much!) and what got me started on all of this.  The bowl joined the family today.  I was bummed because my case at the antique mart isn't doing so well (will post on that soon too), so I went to another antique mart to talk to some people, and I found the bowl!  Lucky me!  I would really like to have the solid turquoise set of refrigerator dishes, but the last set I saw was selling for $75, so that isn't happening any time soon.  Maybe I'll get crazy lucky and find them at a thrift shop.  I know, I know, unlikely, but a girl can dream dangit!

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