Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's a Pyrex Jamboree Over Here!

Today was a great day for Pyrex and I am a happy girl!  Our first stop of the day was to the thrift shop where I scored three round Snowflake Blue casserole dishes, two with lids!  And like a beacon of light, fit with angles singing and everything, I found this really great Hex Signs Large Bowl with it's caddie, both in good shape!  I was practically skipping through the aisles, when I spied with my little eye, two Pyrex plates with the turquoise stripe. "Shut Up!" I said to myself.  They have been put through the dishwasher too many times, but I love them anyway.  
And do you see the lovely black snowflake oval casserole?   I found that at the antique shop where I have my case (which has finally seen some sales, woohoo!).  

Wait, I'm not done, I have more!!!  My Grandma and Grandpa are in Maine right now, taking a break from our heat and crazy altitude.  G'ma found some Butterprint mixing bowls, a small fridgie, and a really cool Fire King bowl for me, all for $23!  And what is even cooler is she sent me a picture of it with her handy dandy smart phone!  She is getting so good at using it, I'm so proud.  

And then as I was writing this, my Mom called me from the thrift store, asking if I wanted any of the items pictured below!  She got the pitcher and the Verde casserole dish.  What a lovely end to an epic Pyrex day.


  1. Oh, man! I haven't been able to get out thrifting! You got some great Pyrex finds going on there!!

  2. I think I need to start vicariously thrift shopping for Pyrex through you! I never seem to find anything and all your treasures are perfect! Great job!


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