Friday, May 24, 2013

Apartment Therapy Classifieds

Did you know Apartment Therapy has a classifieds section in their website?  Yeah, me either until I read about it on someones blog (forgive me, I can't for the life of me remember who it was).  I poked around on the site for a bit and decided to sign up.  It's like craigslist, but a little more exclusive and a lot nicer to look at.  You won't find listings for free manure or slightly soiled mattresses on this site!
So far I only have two things listed in my "Corner" but I am hoping to add more soon.
I found these TV trays the other day and just couldn't leave them behind even though I have no space in my booth for them right now.  They are so wonderfully retro and you can't see it, but they have brown glitter flecks embedded in them!
I also found this super cool children's desk for such a steal that again, I couldn't leave it behind.  Finding things like this make me wish I had a bigger booth.  
We'll see how it goes.  They been up for a week, and no one is interested.  To be fair though, I am the only person in my city with listings, and Denver only has 55.  I'm guessing it's taking us Westerners some time to catch up to the East Coasters who seem to really dig it.
Do you have an Apartment Therapy Corner?  Have you bought or sold anything from it? 

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  1. I know we had TV trays growing up but I can't remember what they looked like. Probably blue or green since those were my moms colors until she embraced gold. I'll check out the corner you mentioned! ♥


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