Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thrift Madness Thursday

This week has been rough at the thrifts.   Prices are sky high and stuff is either low quality or non existent.  Let me share some of my pain with you.

This Butterfly Gold cup was in great shape and the only vintage Pyrex in the store that day, but guess how much it was...  You ready?   It was priced at $4.00!  Holy crap,  not only no, but OH HELL NO!  One little cup...  lost their damn minds... End rant.
Horse stuff seems to sell well for others so I've been trying to keep an eye out for good pieces.   Too bad the piece of glass to the right of the first Horse was broken. 
I walked around with these antlers for a while before I put them back.  I know they are trending hard right now,  but eeeeeewwww man!   They really do gross me out!   Where I live we have a TON of deer, so it is likely they are from a natural shed, but still, yuck.  And now that I look at the picture a little more, I'm realizing hey probably weren't naturally shed.  I think there is some skull there...  Oh double eeeeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!  There is a good reason these aren't my style! 
But this table totally is!  
 Look at those sexy legs and the mod colors.  And that mosaic top is...well not so good.  From far away it looks great. But when you look closer you can see how crooked the white tile was laid down.   I was bummed for sure,  and if I had the storage space or a bigger booth, it so would have come home with me.  But alas, I have neither of those things so it had to stay at the store.

Would you have bought It?

Homer and Bart didn't come home with me either.  Something about stuffed Simpson's characters just isn't right...  They always look scary.

Did you guys have better luck this week?  
Saturday The Mom and I are heading up to Denver for a little vintage market and then to a Mid Mod store she saw listed on Craigslist.  It's not terribly far, but an adventure is exciting, no matter how short the distance!  
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  1. It's been slow going here too, until last night!!!!!!!!! I found some goodies FINALLY!

    That table! THOSE LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bummer about the horse stained glass piece. You probably could have got a decent amount for it had it not been broken! The prices at the thrifts here are still on the high side. Even the clothing is going up! Hopefully you will hit some good garage/estate sales soon.


  3. Are you coming up for Horseshoe Market? I'll be there at some point! Looking forward to it.

    I went to a pretty awesome MCM house estate sale yesterday. It's not my style so I don't know prices, but there was a lot of furniture and it seemed like the prices were $$$ to me. Very cool MCM house with awesome details, though!

  4. I hate seeing nice stuff I like that turns into broken crap.

    The thrifts haven't been that great around here either, but, it's sale week. The major thrift - Value Village/Savers just had the end of their 30% off card & it seems everybody was in there using it up. My last day shopping I couldn't find a damn thing, so I was trying to give it away, everyone seemed to have on, never seen that thrift so busy & ended up leaving it on a bookshelf. They continued the sale of 30% off until the 8th. Next week the 50% off sales start on Monday. Goodwill & Salvation Army sell crap out the back, rarely go.


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