Sunday, May 5, 2013

Free Day!

A few weeks ago I posted here about a few paint by numbers that I was so excited to find.  Well The Grandma saw this post and called to ask why I was all a twitter.  We talked about the colors and the different designs and how people used to do them a lot back in the day and how it was funny that they are collectible now.  She said something like, "I did a bunch of those in France in the 60's while your Grandfather was working his second job.  I never did anything with them..."  So some of you might assume that I just commented on how cool that was and let it go after that, because that was 50 freakin' years ago, no way they still have them.  Oh but I know my grandparents pretty well.   I asked her what she did with them and she then asked my Grandpa, who said they were in a box in the garage, but he wasn't telling me where because he didn't want me getting in there and stealing their high class art, : ) Long story short (kind of), when they got home from Arizona he found them in two seconds (in 30 years worth of stuff, how does he do that?!).  This is what she showed me.  I almost had a stroke...  for real!

Are you freaking serious?!  They are awesomely done and in great shape.  It took me a minute to get it together, but I explained how some of us look for PBNs every time we thrift and how we rarely find them. She smiled her, "kids are strange these days" smile and then gave them to me!  Oh happy day!  What color frames should I eventually do?  This is where they live until I can get them framed and hung up properly.
This is in our basement family room which I will do a post on in the next few days, I did some cool stuff in there!  Those red books are Photography Encyclopedias that my Uncle Ronald gave to me a few years ago because he knew I was interested in photography.  He was a photographer for the Pueblo Chieftan for many years.This is the first time I've decorated with them.  Don't they look cool?!   The thicker books are super old patent books that The Husband saved from the trash at his office years and years ago.  I've used them for tons of different things, great score for The Hubby!  Oh, and that fireplace used to be pink.... yup.

Last but not least are these awesome letters I scored on the way home from The Grandmas.  It really was a glorious day!
I was driving past this building I drive past all the time when I noticed that it was being remodeled.  I turned around and asked the guy there if I could have these sweet letters since it looked like he was just going to toss them. He totally didn't get my excitement but happily helped me load them into my car.  I haven't decided their fate yet.  Booth or keep?  I also asked him about this big neon sign...
Thankfully, he said he was keeping the huge,cool old sign!  It will never be "Hayes Motor Co." again, but it will always have that old sign.  Awesome!
Yay for a day full of great stuff and no pennies spent!  The thrifting has been a little bit rough lately, so I was super excited to have hit this little jackpot.  Have you guys hit any free jackpots lately?  
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  1. You getting those paintings from your grandma would be like my grandma saying to me "You can have all my old dishes" and then unearthing the holy grail of Pyrex! I WOULD DIE! You are so lucky to have something like those paintings. Are you going to do matching frames or mix them up? Can't wait to see.

    Have a great week,


  2. old things i collect that i pick up at tag sales = great.

    the same old things i collect that come from family = are absolutely PRICELESS.

    especially when your grandmother did such a nice job painting them
    AND the added bonus is the story of the time in your grandparents lives where they lived in france.

    so cool.

  3. The letters and paint by numbers, seriously glorious! For the frames, depends on your space. You could get inexpensive plain wooden ones and paint them in complimentary shades that fit their theme, one orangey-red, sky-blue, forest-green, etc. or match them all for consistency in one colorful shade. I like the idea of them all framed in plain wood, orangey-red (to match the bright pops of it in the paintings) or black. I love your basement set-up for the pieces. Gorgeous!

  4. Those are some amazing finds! And I love the older generation being like "What? Why would you even want that?" about things our vintage loving hearts clamor for. More for us, right?! I think you should put those PBNs in gold or white (or gold and white) frames to show off all the co-o-o-o-l-o-r.

  5. Egads!! I've been looking for horse pbns!! Fantastic and by your grandmother = the best! Love your pbn collection. I'm on the hunt to add to my one very lonely find!

  6. I haven't hit any free jackpots since last summer, but we're just barely emerging from winter in our parts.. we still have a little snow & frozen lakes. :) Garage sale season & people cleaning stuff out will happen shortly!
    I LOVE the paintings - how awesome that your grandma did them!
    And those letters! What a deal!!

  7. What a windfall!! Those are pretty special paintings!!

  8. those paint by numbers are GORGEOUS! so awesome that your grandma did them!

  9. Mom mom always wonders why I like "all that old junk". She said "I lived through that stuff, and I don't care to live through it again!" Haha!

  10. Do you know I have never ever found a PBN "in the wild"? You totally scored double, because not only are they beautiful, but they have the added sentiment of belonging to somebody you loved! I think black frames would be really striking.

    And those letters--awesome! Fortune favors the brave! :D


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