Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Booth Update

Booth sales have been lacking a little bit a lot so far this month, so instead of adding new stuff last week, I just floofed and shuffled things a bit.  That must have helped because yesterday was a good day.  Good enough that I had to take some new items down there.  My mall is having a vendor night this Friday that I regrettably can't attend.  They are giving us a chance to spruce things up before the big Memorial Day Sale.  Cross your fingers for me, I'm hoping it's awesome!  I'll be getting ready for it on Thursday.
I always like to make sure my most special pieces are at eye level.  Stacking them looks great too, but not more than two at a time.  A customer could get annoyed if she has to move three items just to get to the price on the bottom piece.  This also reduces breakage and keeps things tidy looking.
  The super shiny bread box came home with me this weekend.  It's in better shape than the same one I sold last year.  
Do any of you re-sellers have any tired and true booth merchandising tips?
As a customer, what are things you love/hate about antique booths?
Oh, and I still don't have a dang neighbor!  They are holding the space until 5/22.  Ugh, what does that even mean?  


  1. I'm sure I've said this before - but I am just so IN LOVE with your little booth space! :)

  2. I'd love to be doing some shopping at your booth!!

    One thing that I don't like about booths is when they are so jam packed full, you can't move around and can't even look at the items that are at the back - your booth doesn't look that way!

    Good luck!

  3. Your booth looks great and I'm wishing great sales for you this weekend!

  4. I'm only a buyer from booths..

    Like Jill, jam packed booths with little to no organization. I don't like going to booths when the seller is in there & they just look at you & don't greet you... it's just awkward.

    I love how on Van's booth from Thrift Core, all her prices are in your face & visible (at least I get the impression from all her tags, unless it's just branding).

  5. You've nailed it for me - having to move too many things to get to the price tag!

    Are you going to put the orange bead curtains in your booth?

  6. Your booth looks great! I love how your blue shelves add a pop of color and the pom poms draped over the other shelf draw your eyes in.

    I love a pretty booth with a variety of items and fair prices. I don't expect thrift store prices at a mall but some people put their prices *so* high and I notice that their items don't sell either! I guess they have money to burn on stall rent...

    I plan on having a booth in the future so I love posts like these!
    I have really long arms and legs and I'm clumsy so crowded booths make me nervous. I'm always afraid I'll break something or trip! I understand wanting to get the most out of a space but there's some booths where I can't even get to what I want and I've never walked up to the front to ask for help- I just pass it by.

    I also don't like to look and look for a price tag or worse yet not find one!

    I'm having fun here this morning! ♥


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