Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cadillac Jacks

Last Saturday The Husband gave me some much need "me time" so I decided to go on a quick road trip way out East to Calhan Colorado.  I had seen an ad on Craigslist for this shop called Cadillac Jacks that had "More than 100,000 Antiques, with stop lights from Colorado Springs and much much more!"  He had me at stoplight!  I don't know why, but I love them and the idea of having one is so cool to me.  I just have never been able to find one that wasn't at a "requires second mortgage on the house" price.
Us landlocked folks have seem to have this weird thing for the ocean.  We are constantly trying to recreate it...with a totem pole.  Ha, not really!  He did have seagulls and pelicans all over the place though.
Oh holy crap there was a lot of stuff in this store!  I don't know if it is because I'm still riding my Junk Bonanza high but it was awesome!  So much stuff, yet it was well lit, and easy to see.  Normally crazy hoarder stores bug me a bit, but this one didn't.  Do you have a store like this that you like to go to? 
He had stuff floor to ceiling.  Like actually hanging from the ceiling.  One probably should wear a hard hat in there!  
 He had an enormous range of stuff from gas and oil products to delicate fancy china.
Little rooms full of treasures were tucked away all over the store.  Below is a shot looking out from one of them.  If you are claustrophobic  this is sooooo not the store for you!  
This is one of the stoplights I mentioned above.  Well no big surprise on the price, $250!  Yeah...NO, dangit.
Son of b**** that is terrifying!  
And this guy either wants to be my best friend or wear my skin like a coat.  Even so,  I kind of liked him...
This was the one thing that I desperately wanted.  All of those dots on the clear casing are constellations and inside it showed the rotation of the moon. Super cool, super super expensive.  He originally had $195 on it, then crossed that off and had it priced at $122. He said he would go down to $95, but even that was a bit much for me.  Good strategy though!  ; )  He was willing to add the dust for free!
This was the only thing I came home with.  It is an old advertising perpetual calendar that changes the number when you rotate the globe.  I had never seen one before and had to have a little something to show for my adventure.  And I at least got some version of neat globe!
I knew I wasn't going to get thrift store or flea market prices, but dang, I wasn't expecting that kind of mark up.  I could have come home with so much cool stuff if only the prices had been a little bit lower.  Oh well, it was a fantastic store and I'm glad I went and I will probably be going back here and there to check out his new stuff.  He says he rotates items, but the dust says otherwise!  
 After seeing the pictures of this store, would you go in or would you steer clear of that hoarder madness?
Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and frame suggestions for the Paint By Numbers my Grandma gave me.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, maybe black so they pop off my white walls.  And thank you Grandma for giving me such a special gift, I love them!!!
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  1. This is the type of store that my husband would spend hours in! It looks like a great mantique type of shop. Too bad on the prices though. But at least you got to see some stuff that you had never seen before.


  2. Okay, I've never even heard of Calhan, CO. LOL
    That clear globe is awesome! I went to a garage sale last weekend in Salt Lake City and they had a globe priced at...wait for it....$120!! In somebody's dirty garage. And it wasn't even that special. Everything they had was crazy overpriced, though. Bet they put most of it back into their garage when the day was over, at those ridiculous prices.

    I really love the little calendar you found! It's cute and it's useful!

  3. That's my kind of place! The junkier the better :) Preferably the cheaper the better too. What I dont get is places like that that have sooooo much stuff, you think they would want to make some sales, and get rid of some stuff. Why not give a girl a break and sell her an awesome globe for like 40 bucks?! I think they're really hoarders who price everything super high so no one will buy it and they can hoard it for themselves forever and ever! { sorry for the rant! lol }

  4. Now that's one gorgeous, packed antique stop! I'm with Amanda, I've seen some people with a never-ending amount of stuff coming in and out of their shops or mall booths, I have to wonder if they have an immense storage shed or are just closet hoarders. Hmmm...

  5. that is EXACTLY what i look for in an antique shop..looks like they had some awesome finds


  6. I like stores like that! You probably could have guessed that tho! ;)

    I love what you bought. That is ADORABLE!

  7. I actually like what you bought so much better than anything else you saw! good picking!

    pinned it!


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