Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Kitschmas!

Saturday was supposed to be non fun chore day.  More Christmas shopping, cleaning, laundry...blah blah blah.  Well thankfully I was distracted from all that nonsense when I drove past a house that had an estate sale a few months ago.  They were doing the second one they had told me about!  SHUT UP!!! Swerve.Park.RUN!!!
These flocked snowmen caught my eye first.  They're huge, like 10 or 12 inches tall!  All of these guys, including the wonderful Made in Japan Santa will be heading to the booth soon.  
 And then I saw the Putz houses and I had to take a moment to settle down.  They are stamped Japan on them and the previous owner wrote 1953 next to the stamp.  These are my first Putz finds in the wild and I love them and I will NEVER EVER let them go!  : )   I mean come on, look at how wonderfully she decorated them! Behind them is a lovely stack of small glass ornaments, perfect for wreaths.  
 It's an army of adorable kitschy snowmen!  Yes!  So much yes! They're all stamped Japan and are probably from the 50's.   I'll probably be keeping these too...
Another little army, this time of spun cotton pine cone skiers.  I'm undecided about these guys.  They would probably sell pretty quick, but I'm kind of in love with them...  Decisions, decisions.  
What do you guys say?  Stay or go?
I found a non Christmas item too.  This awesome little rockets ship coin bank already sold on Etsy
That's it.  It was such a good sale guys.  I'm still all dreamy about it.  Believe it or not, all of this stuff was 75% off!  Yup, it's true.  I still can't really believe it myself.  
The company that ran the sale, Tandem Estate Sales, was so great.  They were all respectful of the family and their treasures and super informative and nice.  I'll be keeping an eye on their sales next year!  
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Also, I stole that cute title from the Facebook page, Merry Kitschmas.


  1. Those are all great finds and will sale quickly.

  2. YOU HAVE TO KEEP EVERY SINGLE THING!!!!!!! OMG....Amazing finds!


  3. Keep it ALL!! I cannot believe that much good Christmas stuff was still left on a Saturday, and at 75% off to boot. That would never happen up here, not a chance! You totally must be on Santa's good list this year. :D

  4. Oh how fun for you!
    I've never seen anything like those bottle brush snowmen!

  5. LOVE IT ALL! The pine cone snowmen are keepers, for sure! I've seen pine cone elves, but never these snowmen!


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