Friday, December 27, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Finds of 2013 - #5

Happy Friday everyone!  Today will be a bit of a bummer for me since the Christmas decorations will have to start working their way into storage.  It will be a slow process because I have a lot of new stuff this year and not a lot of new places to store it.  o_0  
Anyway, let the countdown continue!  Vintage Christmas ornaments started the list at #10, vintage Halloween decorations came in at #9, Franciscan Star Burst Mugs at  #8, my wonderful retro aluminum chairs landed on #7, and some lovely vintage dresses hit #6 yesterday.  My next favorite find of 2013 is...Oooo...shiny!  
#5 - Vintage Jewelry 
This belonged to The Husbands grandmother.  My Mother-in-Law generously gave it to me in August and it's one that I wear all the time now.  
A super fun bracelet I bought at Junk Bonanza.  It's a vintage spoon!  Genius!    
 This gorgeous bakelite ring was purchased at the Mid Mod Show in Denver in August.  It's so beefy, I kind of want to punch someone while I'm wearing it.  I know that sounds violent, but mostly I just mean my brother.  : )
These both belonged to my Grandma and for whatever stupid reason never received a proper blog post.   Bad Melissa! The one on the left is an accordion style stretchy bracelet that was made in British Hong Kong.  She let me borrow it and then I liked it so much I kind of begged to keep it and she said yes!  The one on the right was given to The Mom when she was probably still in high school by my Grandma, then The Mom gave it to me this year.  I love them both and wear them all the time.  
These two were bought from Gina at Vintage Junk in my Trunk.  I adore them!  One protects my purse and the other one is on a bracelet.  

This garnet ring is an estate sale find from October.  It's very art deco and just happens to be The Little Dude's birthstone so I wear it all the time too.  
Wow...I'm kind of spoiled.  Look at all that sparkly stuff!  : )  I'm a lucky chick, that's for sure!  
Did you find or receive any vintage jewelry this year?  Do you have a treasured piece that you wear all the time?


  1. I think I have that exact same rhinestone bracelet that you got from you grandma! I will have to dig it out and see. I love vintage jewelry and have a really awesome collection of it. I try to wear one piece a day. Maybe that can be a new Instagram feature?

    Dreading putting away the decorations much damn work!


  2. Bakelite is my favorite! I also, love Art Deco era stuff. The grandmothers ring is amazing.

  3. I have several really fine pieces of rhinestone jewelry sets from my paternal Grandmother.
    One set is a necklace, pin, bracelet and earrings with multicolored rhinestones! I always get complemented on them when I wear them. I have some really lovely Victorian style lockets and pins from my other Grandmother.
    I don't have kids or grandkids of my own but my nieces have been getting some nice vintage jewelry from me. This xmas it was some wonderful vintage Lucite bangles. They loved them.

  4. Wow, you are indeed a lucky girl. Absolutely love the diamond and garnet rings, the spoon bracelet, the bracelets from Grandma...seriously, all of it. I like Erica's idea of wearing one vintage piece a day, I've been trying to wear more of mine more often. It is fun and a conversation starter!

  5. Love it all and its extra special to have pieces that belonged to your mom and grandma. The bee pins are sweet also. Ack, started putting Christmas away too, no fun.


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