Sunday, December 1, 2013

This Past Week...

These Shiny Brites practically jumped into my cart after I spastically gasped...oh guys these are so pretty!  I couldn't handle the thought of parting with them so they are on my tree.  
 We had a wonderful gut busting Thanksgiving over at my parents house.  The mashed potatoes might as well have been hooked via I.V straight to my good!
 Well, remember how a few weeks ago I told you guys about my oven crapping out in the middle of baking a butt load of biscuits and then mysteriously working again?  Well it did that again but then didn't come back on.  DEAD...  I've never been so thankful for that toaster oven.
 I finished the sweet potato casserole up at my parents house and I must say, it turned out wicked good.  Plus it was super pretty in my Black Rooster Pyrex.  : )
Did you guys have any Turkey Day "incidents" this year?
The Mom got her Christmas present early so she could enjoy it for longer.  I need to fill in some of the holes, but it still looks so fancy!  It will look so nice with all her gold decorations! 
 I have a TON of Shiny Brite caps that my hoarder self just can't bear to part with so I decided to do a little crafty project with them.  Holy crap...look at how messy my table is!!!   Out of control! 
 I got a little crafty with my Putz house too, though nothing is permanently fixed to it since, as Erica said, it's in pretty nice original condition.  I love the creepy eyed Santa hiding by the chimney.  
 Christmas decorating has started around here.  I say started because I'm sure I'll add to it until I take it down on New Years day!  I'm sure I'm not the only one!  

 My wreath looks so little on that giant white brick wall!  I'm going to have to make some more little ones to fill in some of that white space.  
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  1. Throw those ornament caps on ebay. Seriously hot commodity this time of year. Or save for when you find an ornament needing a cap.

    Glad you had a happy turkey day! Now onto my favorite month!

  2. I have never found a Putz house out in the wild. I love that little guy.

  3. Eeeeeeek!!! I would have freaked out too had I found those amazing Shiny's! I have a box of the same pattern only in cute little bell shapes. LOVE them and they go on my tree, not wreaths. Uh, turkey day mishaps? How about my mother in law trying to cook a turkey that had been in her freezer for 4 years? She said it was a weird shade of yellow. She had to haul her butt to the grocery store at 11:00 Wednesday night. Thank god she didn't try to feed it to us!


  4. Stripedy shiny brites! Yes! Love them!

    I too was wondering what to do with all my ornament caps!
    Nope- can't give them away!

    Our Thanksgiving went perfectly- except for one of my sons going to jail- again!
    My boys keep me on my toes!

  5. Sorry about your oven! My dryer died last night, so I feel a kinship. :) Glad you had a good holiday though!

  6. Loving your displays! & we celebrated Thanksgiving here in our home this year, no mishaps! Only electronic mishap I remember having was when I was shaving my head in the wee hours before work (1AM) & kaputz! Shaver dies! Looks like a weedwhacker went to my head. Lucky for us we have friends in the next building who have one.

  7. I started the decorating process yesterday and believe me, it is a process! By 3:00, I couldn't do anymore, it takes a lot of time, placing and then moving it around and adding, it's a work in progress! I think we have a couple of the same blowmolds!

  8. Of course you should keep those shiny brites! They're awesome. Love your wreaths too. Lucky Mom!


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