Monday, December 23, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Finds of 2013 - #9

Yesterday vintage Christmas ornaments came in at #10, and today we have vintage Halloween decorations at #9.  In case you didn't catch what all the numbering is about, I'll be counting down my favorite finds and acquisitions from 2013...because well...I can I guess!   
All of these paper treasures came home with me in October from a little town in Southern Colorado called Rocky Ford.  The nicest gentleman sold them to me even though they weren't technically for sale.  I'll probably put a few of these in the booth next year, but most of them will stay.  Vintage Halloween is so hard to find!
Were you lucky enough to score an elusive vintage Halloween piece?  Any blow molds or candy containers?  Die cuts or honey combs? 


  1. I found a small amount of vintage Halloween this year but any amount is fine with me! That stuff is HARD TO FIND!!

    Bring on #8. It's so fun reading these posts and going "Oh yeah, I remember when she found that!"


  2. I just scored some vintage oversized flocked greeting cards. Erica from Golden Egg Vintage sent me some beautiful, beautiful pieces that I still have to feature on my blog! Vintage Halloween in 10x as hard to find in Canada! & they charge 10x as much!

    PSYCHOS up here.

    PS: want to "LIKE" the last part of Erica's post - too fun reading & saying, "I remember when she found that..." hah

  3. Yup, your Halloween finds are amazing and more than worthy to be on you list!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family Melissa!

  4. I scored some awesome Halloween stuff this year a few weeks before Halloween.

    Hope you and your fam had a Merry Christmas!


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