Monday, December 30, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Finds of 2013 - #2

Man, I'm having a hard time getting the brain to fire right this morning.  Like, it's working, but only at half capacity or something...NEED MORE COFFEE!!!  Anyway, this countdown is almost done which means it will be the year 2014 in a few days.  Where did the time go?!  Ugh...I'm getting old.  : ) Vintage Christmas ornaments started the list at #10, vintage Halloween decorations came in at #9, Franciscan Star Burst Mugs at  #8, my wonderful retro aluminum chairs landed on #7, some lovely vintage dresses came in at #6, my growing collection of vintage jewelry took spot #5, some fun treasures from my Grandma made it in at #4, and yesterday my other Grandma's PBN's took #3.  My next favorite find/acquisition of 2013 is...
#2 - Vintage Lamprey Anatomy Chart
I found this educational poster while we were in Minnesota for Junk Bonanza.  The artwork is amazing and the colors are perfect for my house.  It hangs up in my bedroom and I smile at it every single day. I LOVE my Lamprey!   The Little Dude likes it too.  He looks at it and smiles and says "eeeew fishy, pretty fishy!"  Yes, he is mine after all! : )  

Do you do anything special in preparation for the new year?
I like to go through the house and purge all the miscellaneous junk/trash/"what the hell was that" type stuff and get everything else organized. And of course the whole time I'm rearranging and redecorating.  It's kind of fun for me actually!  Soothes my nagging minor OCD.   Happy New Year's Eve Eve everyone!


  1. This is my favorite find of yours for the year! I was actually just talking to Erica about it the other day because I love it so much! Hope you have a Happy New Year! Someday I will find a chart as cool as this one :)

  2. This is a cool one! I found an anti-graffiti poster (well actually bought it from another bloggers booth). It's. A school poster from the 70s. Have yet to feature. Saving for a week when I find nothing. I was not supposed to thrift this week, but I am.on the bus.RIGHT NOW on my way...

    No preps for the new year...

  3. I remember that poster, absolutely LOVE it! I have the same routine, purge the HELL out of the house and get it completely organized so I start the new year with a refreshed slate. Actively working at it now :D


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