Sunday, December 15, 2013

This Past Week...

We finally got a new stove!   Woohoo!  It was christened with a giant pot of macaroni and cheese because ya know...I have a toddler who devours the stuff.  
 The thrifts started off SLOW.  They were painfully bare for the first half of the week.  
Still killing me, but at least made me laugh.  Why is he without britches?  I sure hope someone helped him out.
And then JACKPOT!!!  I found 14 Gurley Santa candles in one grab bag.  I took a some to the booth and naturally kept a few for myself... eight is a few right? : )
No one was loving my mini wreaths at the booth, so I took them home where they would be enjoyed.  They look great on the fireplace!  
Some kind of thrift karma must have been sent my way from you guys (THANK YOU) because the rest of the week was wonderful!  These knee huggers were in a grab bag that was half off.  I'm of the firm belief that one can never have too many of these dudes.  
I snapped out of my funk and had some fun with my glue gun.  I'm going to get a holster for that thing!
I had responsible plans to get chores and errands done today... and then I drove past an estate sale.  Well an hour later I was happier than a bird with a french fry!  I left these blue bottle brush wall hangings behind because they were just way too big.  Aren't they dreamy though?
I had a good time doing the rest of my chores with these guys as my passengers.  
This is the biggest spun cotton figure I've ever seen!  
I made another wreath...that's number four if you're keeping track.  I used an old wooden pool rack that I had lying around for the form.  I know it's strange, but I like the unusual shape of it.  
Walgreen's had some nail art pens on sale so I snagged one.  It actually worked pretty dang well.  Now if I had some drawing talent I'd be in great shape!
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  1. Melissa, you always do well at the thrifts. Yeah, 8 is a few, LOL! Love your wreath, unique and gorgeous. Elves & kneehuggers = never too many. I'm with your son, mac &cheese yum! :) Pam

  2. You're right, you can never have too many knee huggers! The good stuff has been so scarce this season around here - I haven't found one knee hugger yet, but I haven't given up - you never know!! I shouldn't complain, I have a few to keep me happy!!!

    Hope you like your new stove - I find that stovetop so hard to keep clean - I would never buy another one!! I didn't buy that one either - a few years ago I won a stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator - it was the best day, ever!!!

  3. GASP! That is BRILLIANT! Using a pool rack for a wreath form, it's pretty cool!

  4. Omg.... so am I seeing what everyone else is seeing... that little dude without his britches? I am DYING laughing over here!

    So jeals of the rest of your finds. All I picked up this week so far has been a plentiful supply of pyrex. No vintage Christmas :(

  5. Love all that vintage Christmas goodness :D !

  6. Omg so that's how you ended up with 14 Gurley candles. Wow! Awesome score!


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