Sunday, September 16, 2012

Booth Stalking and a Craft Show

The Annual Holly Berry House Folk Art Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch was a nice change of pace for The Mom and I. We didn't really purchase a lot, but what we did get we loved. I'm going to be a stinker though and squirrel away those purchases for another post.  They are fantastic though and worth the wait!

This is a picture of where the show takes place (borrowed from here).  Rock Ledge Ranch is a historic center located at the foot of Garden of the Gods.  In the  background is my favorite mountain, Pikes Peak.  Look at that! I love where I live!!!

This show is usually super packed, hot, and dusty, but we got there early and didn't have to deal with all of that mess.  I regrettably didn't take any pictures because pretty much every booth had big signs asking people to not take any photos and I didn't want to get any britches in a bunch by whipping out the camera.  I do understand this request though, so I respectfully complied.

We had a nice lunch in Old Colorado City and then went to a few local antique shops.  Aside from looking at all the goodies, we tried to pay attention to different ways that dealers set up thier booths.

These two were my favorite from today:

The twigs on the back wall really draw attention to this booth.  When you get in it there  is a lot of stuff, but not so much that you feel like a bull in a china shop!  I hate that!  I also really love how clean this one is.  It bugs me when a booth is so dusty that I don't want to pick an item up for fear of getting some horrible respiratory illness!  Maybe that is a little dramatic, but still...Yuck!
This dealer layered items really well.  And everything was very well displayed, nothing was hard to see.  I also know that this dealer changes the design of the booth frequently and I like that.  Who wants to go shopping once a month and see the same stuff?  Not this chick!

So we have some good inspiration now and the wheels in our little brains are just turning with ideas!

Does anyone have something they just love about certain booths, anything that you hate?

I'm going to join Sunny Simple Life for Sunny Simple Sunday.  Have a great day everyone!

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