Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zipper Jackpot!

I love the word zipper.  It just fits the device so perfectly because if they had mouths, they would say the word zip when moved up or down!  Wonderful!  Anyway, now that that little ramble is out of me, lets get down to business.  Side note:  I'm in a strange mood today, could you tell?

I found these old school zippers at the thrift shop and fell in love with them.  They will make some really cool bracelets, and maybe a key chain or two.  The hope is that other people will think they are cool too, which would mean I'm not just a weirdo who enjoys zippers.  o_0  The customers will tell the tale on that one.

I thought the colors were great and still so vibrant and pretty.  And isn't this kind of style becoming popular again?

Some of the bracelets will have the zipper function and some will not.  I'm thinking that sewing snaps onto them would be a good closure, but haven't totally convinced myself on that.

Does anyone have any ideas for them that don't involve actually sewing them onto a clothing item or bag?  I'm scared of sewing zippers with my machine.  Changing out the foot is intimidating to me...

I'm heading over to Sir Thrift A Lot for Thriftosaurus Thrift Haul Link Up and To A Bowl Full of Lemons for One Project at a Time.  Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Those zippers have the beautiful styles..

    Visiting from MYM- hope you can you stop by..



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