Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sniffle, Sniffle, Sniffle

The little dude is working on his first ever cold, and I apparently am going to help him by taking a little for myself.  He is such a tough little guy though.  He is in such a good mood considering the amount of goo leaking from his little nose.  I'm barely feeling it and all I want to do is whine!  But I'm going to take a hint from my sweet little dude and buck up!  I really really don't have time this week to be lazing about, complaining about not feeling good.  It's go time for me!

Monday is my first day in my new booth and I still have so much prep work to do.  

I have made new price tags with my website on them.  My previous location required you to use their tags that didn't really provide a lot of room for a description, so I really love that my new ones have a lot of space.  I have been writing fun descriptions and suggestions for use, a tip I got from Van at Thrift Core.  

I'm also working on the "Vintage" part of my Andromeda Vintage booth sign.  I purchased a chipboard bunting, garland, banner thing at my local craft store and asked the hubby to spray paint it turquoise for me.  Well, the paint went on kind of funny, so I'm not sure about it.  I think I can make it work though.  Any suggestions?

I also found some good items at the thrift shop yesterday.  No Pyrex though, which is making me kind of sad. : (

This pink kitty with the crazy eyes and creepy whiskers will make me feel better.  

And if that doesn't work than this Penguin Hot and Cold Server will do the trick.

Yup, that did it!  It worked!  I really really love this thing and will probably keep it for myself for a little while.  Last weekend I saw one that was being sold for $40, so I hesitated for a second but then put it back.  So when I found it at the thrift shop yesterday, I grabbed it up and hung onto it with a death grip!  I had been thinking about it since I saw the first one, so this one wasn't leaving my sight.  It was only $10 and in better condition than the other one.
I've found some pretty great items lately.  Is everyone else having the same luck?
Today I went to the flea market, which is the reason for the late post..  I haven't been to that market since I was really young, so I wasn't sure what I would find.  Let me tell you, it won't be the last time I go back!!!  More on my awesome finds tomorrow!  
So now I'm going to head over to How Sweet the Sound to catch the end of Pink Saturday.  Have a great day!


  1. May all of you be having a better day soon. Love that droopy eye kitty.

    1. Thanks LV! Little Dude is feeling much better and I am going to make it too!

  2. Oh Kitty~ Just found you....
    Sending Big Cat Hugs~
    Smiles Soon....


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